Miley Cyrus Learned a "Valuable Lesson" Bleaching Her Hair — And It Involves Donald Trump


The strong smell of bleach might not make you think about Donald Trump, but for the happiest hippie of them all, Miley Cyrus, it sure did. 

The 23-year-old took some time between posting photos of her dogs, Bean and Emu, and tongue selfies on Instagram, to share a valuable life lesson she learned after bleaching her 'do. 

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Her message is simple: Trust your gut. But, you'll have to add in a little bit of pot, climate issues, presidential candidates and Cyrus' typical Instagram language (seriously, just look at most of her captions) to decipher this lesson. 

"Bleached my fucking natural healthy a$$ hair rebelling out of boredom... something inside told me I'd regret it," she captioned a selfie. 

This feeling of regret, the oh-so relatable one that many people have experienced after a bad haircut or dye job, led the former Disney Channel star to a long-winded train of thoughts focused not just on haircare, but more important societal issues. 

"I felt like a self-obsessed psycho while real issues are out there in the world needing to be dealt with I was sitting in front of a mirror going thru strand by strand like my hair and what it looks like actually fucking matters," she said


What are these "real issues" in question? Donald Trump and climate change, of course.

"I guess even writing this hunk of bullshit means I am thinking about my hair," she wrote, "which is equally as lame and self obsessed as all of the above because really this fucking mop will make no difference to that fact Donald Trump is running for president (successfully) and climate change is extremely real and scary."

Cyrus has been outspoken about her disdain for Trump, previously calling the candidate a "fucking nightmare" and saying she would move out of the country if he was elected. 

In order for you to prevent yourself from overthinking, like she did with her hair, Cyrus recommends that you "go outside," "smell a flower" and listen to that "tickle in your belly while making a decision." Sensible advice, indeed. Perhaps Trump will heed Cyrus' advice.