Kylie Jenner Documents the “Struggle" of Being a Rich Person Shopping for an Elevator


From complaining about how she can't go out without being recognized on the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians to being viciously attacked by her custom Balmain dress at the Met Gala, being Kylie Jenner is hard, you guys — and she's making sure everyone suffers along with her. 

The latest struggle for the 18-year-old does not involve picking a college to attend, but rather the arduous task of choosing an elevator to install in her mansion.

On Wednesday night, Jenner posted a Snapchat video of a catalog filled with possible elevator options, presumably for her $2.7 million Calabasas house. 

Be glad you don't have an endless supply of money, because then you too might have to make the life-changing decision between Flat Panel, Shaker Panel, Recessed Panel or Raised Panel. 

Choose the wrong one and you could throw off the entire aesthetic of the house, and what'll you do then? Move into another mansion and start the process all over? Ugh. What a nightmare. 

Seriously, what does she even need the elevator for? Is her house that many stories that she can't walk up the stairs? Is it just a way to show off to anyone that stops by? Or maybe she's going to entice Tyga into her house and lock him in the elevator now that they reportedly broke up. 

We'll go with the latter.