Ashley Graham Shares Passionate Lip-lock With Joe Jonas in New DNCE Video


Ashley Graham is adding another first to her ever-growing list of 2016 milestones: the lead role in a music video. 

On Monday, Graham, along with DNCE's lead singer Joe Jonas, announced she would be starring as his love interest in DNCE's video for "Toothbrush." 

Both posted a still featuring the two gazing into each other's eyes, along with the caption "#ToothbrushVideo coming very soon..." 

Jonas tells Entertainment Tonight that the song is about "that point in a relationship when it's starting to get a little serious, but you aren't fully there yet." 

How serious, you ask? Enough for some passionate spit swapping, at the very least.


"This is my first music video and I've been a fan since 'Cake by the Ocean,' which I can't get out of my mind," Graham told ET's Lauren Zima.

Graham is one of the first notable plus-size models to appear as a love interest in a music video, a space typically reserved for models like Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne. While the notion of a gorgeous, Sports Illustrated cover model appearing as a video vixen shouldn't be groundbreaking, Graham's presence helps diminish the notion that plus-size women are in a category all their own. Plus, the two make a damn hot couple.


Maybe "Toothbrush" (which doesn't yet have a release date) will be Graham's entryway into the television and movie acting biz. Clearly, the married model knows how to fake some chemistry.