You'll Never Pack Your Suitcase the Same Way Again After Witnessing This Simple Hack


This viral folding hack video — that has since been shared a whopping 200,000 times — is a must-watch for anyone who believes they need to pack 15 shirts for a two day vacation  — which is to say, most of us. 

To start, the woman — who goes by Anacleto on Facebook — lays a long sleeve shirt down with another on top of its collar in the opposite direction. 


After putting down multiple shirts, she lays pants down the center of where the shirts meet. 


After putting one more shirt over the pants, she begins to line this shirt with socks and underwear. 


Last, with some sort of Hermione Granger-esque wizardry, she folds the top yellow shirt around the underwear and then proceeds to fold every item below into one big clothing burrito! 

It's difficult to explain her exact sorcerous folding technique, so take a look at the full video below and get excited to never have to pay extra baggage fees again: