Turns Out You've Been Pronouncing Zara Wrong All This Time

Do you pronounce Zara like "Zah-ruh" or "Zah-raah," or even "Sara?" If yes, tsk tsk.

Earlier this year, employees from the Spanish clothing retailer taught Refinery29 editors how to say the fan favorite store after discovering that they, like so many, were mispronouncing the retailers seemingly easy four-letter name.

(Not helping matters is this less-than-handy YouTube clip, "How to Pronounce Zara," which also gets it wrong.)

Zara, according to its employees, is pronounced "dzah-dah" or "saaa-daaa."

Even though, after watching the video Refinery29 posted below, it sounds a little bit like "thaaa-ra" or "thaaa-da."

So next time a friend tells you they're heading to "Zah-ruh," kindly correct them with this piping hot knowledge.

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