Louis Farrakhan Compares George Zimmerman Gun Auction to Sale of Jesus' Cross


Louis Farrakhan, longtime leader of the Nation of Islam, has a point about racial slights against blacks in America.

In his Tuesday interview with the New York City hip-hop radio program, the Breakfast Club, Farrakhan was asked about George Zimmerman and his ability to sell the gun that he used to kill Trayvon Martin in 2012 for a reported $250,000.

Farrakhan's comments express the fatigue many black people are experiencing daily when it comes to racism. 

People are insulting us every day. Man, I just say we're going to wake up. ... The people want justice! ... If you don't want anarchy, if you don't want revolt, if you don't want revolution, then give the human being justice — that is the joy of freedom.

Farrakhan likens Zimmerman's gun auction to a hypothetical sale of Jesus Christ's cross.

Why would I want a piece of the cross that you nailed my savior to? Why would I want a gun that you used to kill my brother? But that shows you the hate that is in the world, where you can offer a gun that killed a black man ... for $250,000.

Farrakhan goes a step further and invokes the Charleston Nine massacre in South Carolina.

He was referencing the gun that Dylann Roof, a man charged with murder and hate crime offenses, allegedly used in the killing of nine parishioners at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston in June. The Justice Department announced Tuesday that it planned to seek the death penalty in the case against Roof.

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Over the years, it's been tough for many in the black community and in the larger community to suss out Farrakhan's nuggets of wisdom — especially for a man who has a reputation for going on unmistakably anti-Semitic and misogynistic tirades.