14 Tumblr Posts That Nail What It’s Like to Be Transgender


"It's just a phase." "You don't look transgender." "What's in your pants?

These are a few of the questions transgender people hear too often.   

Tumblr, unlike much of the world, remains a largely safe space for personal expression and discussion. 

Users turn to the platform to vent about of these unwarranted comments and questions, and sometimes joke about how they would respond. 

Below are 14 Tumblr posts that capture the daily frustrations, roadblocks and revelations of the transgender community. 

First off, it's frustrating to be seen as somebody you are not.

And when people try to explain who you are, rather than waiting for you to speak.

Sometimes people pick out clothes for you that are just... wrong.

And ask deeply personal and offensive questions without even hesitating.

But there's some comfort in community. And as personal as the struggle seems, parts of it are universal.

Like when being tired is a constant state of being. 

And when taking a shower is a way to hide.

And when deciding which bathroom to use is unrelentingly stressful. 

And when shopping for clothes feels like constant rejection. 

No one seems to understand how important pronouns are. 

Or what it's like to be constantly be covered up. 

Or how living after transitioning is confusing every... single... day. 

Being transgender requires no outside expertise or official diagnosis.

Because everyone deserves to be seen as their authentic selves. 

And, being transgender is kind of like being a unicorn:

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