Powerful Comic Nails the Sexist Double Women Face When Wearing ... Everything

It's no secret that women are under constant scrutiny when they wear just about anything.

They're either showing too much skin, not enough skin, too much makeup, not enough makeup.

Hashtag campaigns like #rockthecroptop, #nomakeupselfies, #nobranoproblem and #hairypitsclub have brought this sexism into the spotlight.

Artist Kendracandraw posted "Why. Summer Edition" on her Tumblr page, adding more to the conversation. Needless to say, she nails it. 

Here are examples of hypocrisy women face when they ... drum roll ... step outside. 

First, they are told not to show their nipples, even though men can and do. 


And they're told it's "gross" if they doesn't shave, while men walk around being hairy AF. 


All a woman has to do is dress for warm weather, and she immediately gets catcalled. 


So what's the solution?

Probably bundle up, regardless of the temperature. 


But even that brings about comments.

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