14-Year-Old Transgender Girl Shares Inspirational Story of Overcoming Her Bullies


The stats say it all:

82% of transgender youth have reported they feel unsafe in school. 

67% have been bullied online

But only 54% report their bullies to school authorities. 

In order to raise awareness about the millions of kids that are bullied each year, the social action campaign, The Bully Project, often posts videos of children sharing their own stories. 

In one posted on Thursday that has since been viewed over 1.3 million times, Corey Maison explains how she overcame extreme bullying as a 14-year-old transgender girl.  

This is her story:

She always knew she was different. 

But outside her house, she often was teased. 

She admits she wanted to die. 

Adults also stared. 

It wasn't until she watched a video of Jazz Jennings that she realized she was transgender. 

She eventually went back to public school where she was able to use the girl's locker room, the girls' bathroom and join the girl's soccer team.

She's now happy to be living an authentic life. 

And she's proud of who she is.

Watch the full video below:

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