'Maxim India' Is Being Roasted for Digitally Altering Priyanka Chopra's Armpit


From foreheads down to feet, publications have received a lot of flack lately for digitally altering celebrities on its covers. Thanks to Maxim India, there is now another body part to add to the growing list of "imperfections" that magazines believe need to be edited: armpits. 

BuzzFeed was the first to take notice of the fact that Priyanka Chopra's pits looked a bit too smooth and unrealistic on the cover of Maxim India's June/July 2016 issue. "This cover wants me to believe that Chopra's armpits are smooth like a baby's bottom," writer Srishti Dixit explained


Many have since taken to the the 33-year-old's Instagram to call out the so-called "Armpit gate." 

"Don't think you need to be photoshopped you should speak out against this...need to send positive message to our girls," one person commented. "Beautiful PC! But Barbie dolls armpits...too photoshopped!!" said another. 

Twitter was equally baffled.

And then there was the rise of this important new hashtag: #LeaveArmpitsAlone.

This is not the only magazine or brand that has been accused of editing someone's armpits, as a quick Google search brings about a bunch of covers that feature celebrities with smooth pits that likely look nothing like your own even after a quick shave. 

While women should not have to worry about how their armpits look or have #armpitgoals, Maxim India, and the other guilty magazines, are helping to suggest unrealistic standards that pile on top of all the other already lofty beauty ideals imposed by society — from how to wear makeup to what your body should look like.

Sorry to break it to you, but women have hair and stubble on the armpits, and yes, it is natural. Why not pull a Miley Cyrus on Candy Magazine and show what a real pit looks like — hair and all. 

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