Demi Lovato Has Quit Instagram and Twitter — Let Us Now Pray For Her Swift Return


Monday was a dark time for free speech in America. Why? Because Demi Lovato — notorious queen of DGAF social media missives — announced that she is quitting both Twitter and Instagram due to the controversy that follows her on the social media platforms.

"Damn I gotta quit sayin' shit," she wrote in a tweet. "Bye Twitter."

One tweet later: "And insta."

Something of a mini-tweetstorm followed, in which Lovato openly wondered why people even care about her controversial tweets in the first place. She also indicated that she plans on keeping her Snapchat active because it's easier to ignore randos on there.

Everyone knows that hell hath no fury like a disgruntled fan army, and Demi has pissed off everyone from Taylor Swift's #Swifties to Nicki Minaj's #Barbz with her unfiltered opinions on social media.

Some have speculated that Lovato's most recent bout of social media drama — this time with Mariah Carey's loyal #Lambily, who collectively freaked out after Lovato called Carey's infamous diva behavior "nasty"  — finally drove her to abandon social media for good (with the exception of Snapchat, on which Lovato says she'll remain active.)

Although it's unclear just how permanent Lovato's social media hiatus is (both her Twitter and Instagram accounts are still active), it's a damn shame that fan armies cannot just let her live, as her social media candor has always been refreshing AF! So we can only pray that she isn't quitting Twitter and Instagram permanently, and that she makes her safe return sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, let us bow our heads and reflect on some of her most unfiltered tweets of the past year, touching on everything from Donald Trump to celebrity feminists to, uh, dogs.

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