Lipstick With Actual Flowers Is Real — And the Internet Is Unanimously Obsessed

Back in the '90s, there was something satisfying about pulling a brand new jelly lipstick out of your hot pink caboodle. Now, thanks the the internet and its obsession with out-of-the ordinary beauty products, they're back — but this time, the lippies are giving off some serious Beauty and the Beast vibes. 

China-based beauty retailer Kailijumei recently went viral for — and then sold out of — its lipsticks that contain dried flowers and look like the enchanted rose. Why? The answer is simple, really: They look pretty.

Increasing their cool factor: the different shades looks clear in the tube but change based on your skin's temperature. 

Comments on the brand's Instagram account range from "My dream came true," to "I would sacrifice anything for these." There's also some responses like, "I think I'd eat it instead of apply it," and "I'll bite this to get the flower." 

And users on Twitter are just as excited:

These lippies are currently sold out, but you can preorder one for $33 (includes shipping). That might seem like a lot until you consider that it's a few dollars less than the $37.95 many are already dishing out for a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit. 

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