'Big Brother' 18: Why the Road Kill Competition Actually Matters This Season


On Sunday night's episode of Big Brother, houseguests had to hop into an RV and undress as quickly as possible. While it is likely something many of the contestants would have done anyway, this was a part of the new competition introduced this season, entitled #BBRoadKill, or Road Kill, that will take place weekly after the nomination ceremony.  

Instead of having a reward or have-not competition like in previous seasons, each week, contestants will one-by-one enter the RV and compete in a challenge. No one will know who won the competition besides the winner themselves, as they also earn the power to secretly nominate a third houseguest for eviction. 


Although there have been three people on the block at once in other seasons, this is the first time that a player can win the right to nominate someone anonymously. In season 15, a third nominee was secretly chosen by an audience-voted contestant as opposed to a winning player of a competition. 

So what exactly does this mean for the houseguests? There might be a lot more backdooring than usual as the risk of retaliation has been erased. It's likely that contestants will take more risks and have no fear when it comes to putting someone on the block, even if they are supposedly in an alliance with them. 

Above all, there will probably be finger pointing, assumptions made and false theories drawn up about who actually won the competition, like there was on Sunday when Jozea was convinced that Cody's brother won this week's challenge (Frank did.) 


Watch to see who will win the first Power of Veto competition on Wednesday at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS. 

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