Black Men Are Posting Detailed Instructions on What to Do if They're Shot by Police

Two deadly police shootings of black men in two days.

Their names, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, have become hashtags. Their families have taken to national media outlets to demand justice for their deaths. In a summer that's already been punctuated by violence, this week has been a particularly gruesome chapter in the ongoing saga of policing in black communities. 

There's an inevitability to the week's news that's becoming apparent on social media. Black men, long accustomed to getting or giving "the talk" on how to interact with police, are now posting instructions on social media about what their loved ones should do if they're shot by police. 

Some are detailed, as in the case of Daniel Morgan, a San Francisco rapper who goes by the name D.E.O., who posted this to his Facebook followers on Wednesday night: 

Others are pointed, clear declarations: 

This week's shootings are the latest deadly police shootings to go viral. But there's a sense of resignation brewing. Yes, police violence against black people is a problem. But what are we prepared to do about it?

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