Gangnam Style Mania, Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln, the Jon Stewart Effect, and the Best Culture Stories This Week


It was another awesome week at PolicyMic, and the Culture page in particular has grown tremendously, thanks to all the writers who have contributed top-notch stories and ideas every week. To keep you up-to-speed on the ins and outs, we’re launching this weekly column to give you the best culture and art stories of the week. We’re always looking to make this a better and more collaborative experience, so we’d love to hear feedback on what you feel we should focus on next, and what you’d be excited to see and read about on the site. Check out this week’s highlights below:

Top Culture Stories on PolicyMic:

The Daily Show Effect: Jon Stewart’s Enormous Power Over the Millenial Vote (Jasper Zweibel) – Jon Stewart of The Daily Show is America's most popular pundit, but to what end? With 18 Mics, this was also the most Mic’d culture story of the week.  

This week, we launched our coverage of the fall TV season premieres with a whole slew reviews including, ‘The New Normal’ Review: Perhaps Not New, But Refreshingly Abnormal (Missy Kurzweil); ‘Guys With Kids’ Review: Not For Guys, Kids or Anyone in Between (Rebecca Hanover); and ‘Go On’ Review: Matthew Perry Moves Beyond Chandler Bing in Deliciously Witty New Series (Abdul Siddiqui)

Stay tuned for our full coverage of premieres throughout September and October.

Andy Warhol Meets Barack Obama: Q&A with Young Artist Dedicated to the Art of Politics (Elena Sheppard) – Political art is alive and well, particularly in this presidential election season. An interview with 25-year-old artist Eric Giddings about his Obama portraits and the role of art in politics today.

This week also brought some phenomenal re-cap lists including: 10 Indie Albums You Need to Hear This Fall (Kate Peoples); and Top 8 Books to Put on Your Fall Reading List (Claire Tighe).

YouTube Viral Video 'Gangnam Style' by Psy is the 'Call Me Maybe' of KPop (Grace Gallagher) – "The Atlantic," "Gawker," "CNN," my ex boyfriend, T. Pain, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and your mom have one thing in common: they are all talking about Psy. 

People Around the Web are Talking About:

The trailer for Steven Spielberg's new movie Lincoln. Daniel Day-Lewis is Abraham Lincoln.

Bob Dylan’s new album The Tempest (released Sept. 11) which received the coveted and rare Rolling Stone 5-star rating. 


The new exhibit at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, Regarding Warhol Sixty Artists, Fifty Years which opens this Tuesday.


Early Oscar buzz for Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film The Master starring Philip Seymour Hoffman. A.O. Scott at the New York Times calls it “imposing, confounding and altogether amazing…” 

Pulitzer Prize winning author Junot Diaz released his newest book This is How You Lose Her on Sept. 11. Diaz is about as close as you can come to being a literary rock star.