'Big Brother 18' Episode 9 Recap: Nominations, Showmances and the Road Kill Competition


The Spy Girls, the alliance consisting of Bridgette, Bronte and Natalie, has taken control of the Big Brother house — well, if it weren't for Frank pulling the strings. 

On Thursday's episode, Victor is sent packing while Bridgette, a member of Team Category 4, is named Head of Household. This puts a damper on the plan to give Frank the boot, as he is a member of Category 4 and therefore safe from elimination this week. (Sorry Da'Vonne!) 

Bridgette might technically be in charge of the house, but she also happens to be Frank's puppet. When Da'Vonne asks Frank what his sidekick is going to do he responds, "What I fucking tell her to do." In other words, when Bridgette suggests putting up Nicole and Corey, Frank quickly convinces her otherwise.

Speaking of Nicole and Corey, their showmance has ramped up, with Nicole saying he is "the best looking guy [she has] ever seen in real life." While Nicole is all "distracted by Corey," Frank is busy "jokingly" slapping some of the female houseguests' asses, poking Natalie's fat and calling Da'Vonne a slut.


Drama aside, with a little birdie named Frank in her ear, Bridgette ends up nominating Paul (as a pawn) and Tiffany, making this Paul's third time on the block. "It's just a game move," she uses as an explanation. More like, "Frank told me to!" 

Cliff Lipson/CBS

Road Kill

In this week's Road Kill competition, "Horn Star," the contestants have to listen to the sound of different vehicles' horns, remember it and recreate the sequence by pressing the right horns in the correct order. If they hit the wrong horn, there is a screeching halt sound forcing the contestant to start over again. 

Cliff Lipson/CBS

Although Tiffany wants to win in order to secretly nominate a bigger target, Frank is the winner of this week's competition. He ends up nominating Bridgette's ally Bronte. 

Viewers will learn who wins the Power of Veto Wednesday at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS. Expect some turmoil if Bridgette finds out it was Frank behind the third nomination.

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