'Big Brother 18' Episode 10 Recap: Who Won the Power of Veto Competition?


There seems to be a mutually agreed-upon plan in the Big Brother house to give Tiffany Rousso, season 17 contestant Vanessa's sister, the boot this week. But does anything go as planned in the Big Brother house? Of course not.

In Sunday's episode, sexist prankster Frank won the Road Kill competition and secretly nominated Bronte. It wasn't that much of a secret, though, because he quickly told a bunch of people in the house. The one person he didn't mention it to? This week's Head of Household Bridgette, who happens to be in an alliance with Bronte and is also working with Frank. 

The episode ended with Bridgette yelling at the camera, saying she would come after whoever put Bronte up. 

Fast forward to Wednesday night's episode, and Frank is explaining how Tiffany is still his main target, with Bronte as the second best option. Bronte said being nominated was a "slap in the face," but Bridgette reassured her by promising to pull her off the block if she won Power of Veto. 

Frank is outed as the Road Kill winner.

Frank the Snake, as we'll call him for the time being, went to the HOH room where the Spy Girls (Bronte, Bridgette and Natalie) gathered to explain why he believed "someone" had chosen to nominate Bronte. He also said he'd take her off the block if she chose him to play in the POV, with his actual goal being to do anything to keep Tiffany from winning and taking her self off. 

James, fed up with Frank's sneaky tactics, decided to tell Natalie who really won the Road Kill competition, but asked her not to spread this to the other two Spy Girls. Instead, she told them, "I get a little nervous with Frank." This prompted Bridgette to reiterate, "I trust Frank." 

Power of Veto competition

Bridgette picked Bronte's name, but since she was already playing because she's nominated, she chose Natalie to play. Paulie rounded out the players chosen to compete for POV.

This week's competition was called Vetolicious. Houseguests were shown a recipe containing several ingredients. Each round, they were told to pour a specific ingredient into their test tube. If they poured the correct one, they advanced to the next round. The last player remaining won the POV and a private dinner provided by Outback Steakhouse. 

Losers were covered in paint and glitter. 

Bronte and Natalie were eliminated within the first round. Paulie and Tiffany followed, with Paul falling last, making Bridgette the winner. Frank also managed to sprain Bridgette's ankle.

Veto ceremony

Bronte asked Bridgette if the plan was still to take her off her block. The only thing that kept her from saying an instant "yes" was Natalie — the only Spy Girl who knows that Frank is the Road Kill winner. Natalie insisted that were Bronte taken down, she knew she would be put up in Bronte's place. 

Prior to the ceremony, Frank decided to reveal to Bridgette that he had won the Road Kill. Although Bridgette was initially furious when Bronte was put on the block, she simply agreed with everything Frank said and continued to snuggle with him. When he mentioned he put her up week one, she thanked him. Yes, seriously.  

Bridgette decided not to use the Power of Veto. The episode ended with Da'Vonne explaining how she might just try to flip the script to keep Tiffany in the house. 

Bottom line, the contestants need to remember one thing, as Paul says, "everyone in this house is a liar." 

The next episode airs Thursday at 9 p.m. Eastern on CBS, when viewers will learn whether Tiffany, Bronte or Paul will go home. 

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