Obama vs Romney Polls: ISideWith Predicts President Will Be Reelected in a Landslide


Back on July 20, I retrieved compatibility totals for presidential candidates from the ISideWith political quiz. At that time, the quiz was still in its early stages and had some 853,000 surveys completed. Many of those surveys were presumed to have been completed by a younger demographic, which is why Gary Johnson was dominating the results and the electoral map, taking 7 of 10 swing states, as identified by political experts for the 2012 election.

Since that time, the survey has garnered a great deal of buzz across the internet. Today, if you perform a Google Search for “isidewith,” you’ll get 94,300 returns, the vast majority of which are not from the site itself, with the 4th result being from yours truly’s interview with co-creator, Taylor Peck. The site has now surpassed 3.2 million surveys completed. With the expansion onto liberal and conservative blogs and websites, the user base has self-adjusted and the results clearly reflect more diversity. Unsurprisingly to anyone paying attention, Barack Obama has surged ahead of everyone in all but one state, Nevada, where Johnson still holds a slight edge according to the quiz. Let’s see how the swing states stack up, nearly 2 months later.

In my earlier article, I declared, “Does this mean we're in for an epic upset in the election? It's extremely doubtful. However, there is something of worth to be gleaned from these results. If we compare Obama and Romney alone in their results in these states, Obama wins 6 of 10, plus California and New York. Those 8 states alone would nearly have him re-elected. Romney beating the President in 4 of 10 swing states just isn't good enough.

If the results of this survey are any indication, Barack Obama is on his way to re-election in a conclusive, but not landslide win.”

Based upon the most recent results, I see no reason to change my inference. But just to double check what the results would be, I went to the New York Times’ customizable election map. The results, based upon the ISideWith swing state results were staggering. Barack Obama would win with 347 electoral votes to Mitt Romney’s 191.

In addition to the presidential quiz, the team at ISideWith, are working to raise enough money to include House and Senate election compatibility with your quiz answers. As previously noted, the bandwidth to maintain so many visitors is extremely expensive, so the site is running a fundraising campaign to help offset the costs as well as to fund the additional research needed to nail down Congressional stances on the quiz’s questions. With so many candidates to be researched, it is easy to understand why they need help. In my opinion, it is these down ballot races that are most important for our future. Hopefully, the guys can help educate voters on their most compatible Congressional candidates as well. To help by donating, and to see what you can get in return for your different donation levels, click here.