This Color-Changing Hair GIF Is Going Viral — But It's Surprisingly Easy to Replicate

In just 24 hours, a GIF of a woman appearing to use sorcery to change her hair color with a quick head-flip is approaching 3 million views on Imgur

Why? Because the internet has questions: Is the clip digitally altered? Is it a wig? Does she have magical locks that change color depending on her mood?

Nope, it's just a decent dye job. Even so, is it brown hair with blonde highlights or blonde hair with brown highlights? 

Source: Imgur

"Her hair is bleached underneath, so all she has to do is flip her hair over to a severe side-part to completely cover her brown hair," celebrity hairstylist David Lopez said in an interview about the two- to three-hour process. "The key is to not have the blonde be yellow or brassy." 

Courtney Lee — a colorist at the Kinloch Salon in Brooklyn, New York — said, "I would highly not recommend doing that at home."

The Huffington Post U.K. reported the look is often known as "top-deck hair," named after a milk chocolate Cadbury bar that has a layer of creamy white chocolate. Get it? The blonde underneath is the white chocolate. 

So there you have it: You, too, can pay to have your hair bleached. Just don't expect to have a GIF of it go viral like this woman's did.

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