'Big Brother 18' Episode 16 Recap: Victor Returns to the Competition


In a special Friday night edition of Big Brother, Victor reentered the game after winning a set of competitions against the other previously eliminated houseguests (Glenn, Jozea, Bronte and the recently evicted Tiffany). While the contestants in the house pretended to be excited to see the 25-year-old gym manager return, Julie Chen announced to viewers that there's a secret room in the house with a "special" power. 

In the beginning of Sunday's episode, Paulie expresses how nervous he is that Victor is back, because Paulie was the Head of Household that had Victor evicted. To calm Paulie's nerves, his hair-twin Paul assures Paulie that he will convince Victor to be on their side. 

Frank, on the other hand, believes it might be best to align himself with Victor because Frank's ally Tiffany was just sent home. The other houseguests notice immediately, with Paul saying, "The fact that [Frank's] leeching onto [Victor] that fast. No bueno." 

Head of Household

In this week's rave-themed endurance competition, "Watch Your Dub Step," contestants have to put their left hand in the air for as long as possible, while also stepping over a glowing rope that is going back and forth under their feet. If their hand drops too low, confetti will fall and said contestant will be out.  

Paul goes out first, followed by Nicole, Zakiyah, Michelle, Corey, Victor, Frank and Natalie. When Bridgette, Da'Vonne and James are the only ones left standing after about five or six hours, Frank tries to make a deal with Da'Vonne, but she insists she doesn't trust Bridgette, who is Frank's closest ally.

In a final attempt to have her throw the competition to Bridgette, Frank decides to reveal to Da'Vonne that Nicole told him that Da'Vonne wanted him out before Victor. Da'Vonne then decides to discuss it in front of everyone, and Nicole quickly denys everything with a simple "Noooooo."

Bridgette and Da'Vonne ultimately end up giving James the win. He even earns himself a little kiss from Natalie. 

Afterwards, Nicole has to do some major damage control and try to convince Da'Vonne that she hadn't told Frank anything. Da'Vonne pretends to believe her, but knows she now has to watch out for her. 


Although Bridgette makes a deal with James during the HoH competition and he assured Frank that he had nothing to worry about, James does what the house wanted him to do and nominates Bridgette and Frank. 

He explains that Frank is always in the middle of the drama in the house, while Bridgette is just collateral damage. "I'm so angry right now," Bridgette says. "I've been lied to over and over again. Apparently his word doesn't mean anything." And apparently she's never seen a season of Big Brother before. 

Viewers will learn who wins the Power of Veto Wednesday at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS. 

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