'Big Brother 18': Victor's Bizarre Nomination Speech Is One for the Record Books


On Thursday night's episode of Big Brother, Da'Vonne was sent through the backdoor with a 6-2 vote. The remaining nine houseguests (minus the previous Head of Household, Paul) began to battle for Head of Household in the "Harsh Hashtags" competition. 

Sunday's installment picks right up where we left off, with Victor winning HoH. To recap the competition rules from a previous Mic story:

The houseguests have to stand on little disks attached to ropes, hanging from the ceiling. The ropes swing around in a circle, throwing the contestants into big signs with rude hashtags written on them. They are allowed to squat down on the disk, but cannot sit on it or fall off, or they will be eliminated. There are also "internet trolls" (people dressed up as trolls, wielding bats) who are ready to hit the contestants when they fall. 

James is the first to fall. Next is Bridgette, followed by Corey. Soon Michelle starts puking before jumping off her disk. Nicole falls next, so Zakiyah, Paulie, Victor and Natalie are the final four.

Once Zakiyah falls, Paulie drops because he was sure Zakiyah couldn't win. If she had won, she could have put Paulie up out of anger that he didn't tell her about Da'Vonne. Natalie also falls, leaving Victor as this week's HoH.

Indeed, Zakiyah is upset since no one told her that Da'Vonne was being backdoored. "I feel blindsided," she says. "Paulie has been playing me, so I need to win. If not me, Michelle needs to win." 

Zakiyah cries to Michelle about how obvious Paulie was in throwing the HoH competition. "He had to do it on purpose," she says in the Diary Room. 

A new alliance

Paulie explains in the Diary Room that, off-camera, he, Corey, Paul, Victor and James formed an alliance called "The Executives." 

Victor says he needs to get out a big target while he has the chance. All the Executives minus Corey decide Zakiyah should be the one sent home this Thursday. 

Victor, Paulie and Paul soon decide to form a final three, but Paul reminds viewers that there is no "V" in "PP," their nickname for each other.

America's Care Package

James receives the second care package voted on by viewers. Inside is socks, aviators, cookies and underwear — plus the ability to prevent two other contestants from voting in this week's eviction ceremony. The person who receives next week's package will be safe that week, but has to wear a costume. 


Victor nominates Michelle and Zakiyah. In what turned out to be a bizarre, borderline poetic speech, Victor tells Zakiyah that his choice is "pure strategy," but that she also doesn't show him "too much attention." As for Michelle, she has been rude to him. "Yesterday wasn't the day to piss people off," he says to her. 

He then passes out some beads.

Watch the speech below.

Viewers will learn who wins the Power of Veto Wednesday at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS. 

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