'Big Brother 18': Did Paulie Save Zakiyah From Potential Elimination?


On Sunday's episode of Big Brother, Victor was named Head of Household. After a bizarre and confusing "poetic" speech, he nominated Michelle and Zakiyah. He believes they are big targets, even though, combined, they have won exactly one competition.

At the start of Wednesday night's episode, Victor reminds viewers that his target this week is Zakiyah.

While Michelle runs off in tears after the nomination ceremony, most of the the Executives — the newly formed alliance consisting of James, Corey, Paul, Paulie and Victor — jump around like excitable teenage boys. 

"The executives are clearly running the house," Paul says in the Diary Room.

Michelle can't wrap her mind around why she was nominated over Paulie, who had Victor eliminated in the first place. "Victor is a freaking coward," she says in the Diary Room. "Paulie's practically running this house." 

In the HOH room, Paul tells Victor that Zakiyah needs to go home because she didn't care that she was nominated. But Paul's BFF in the house, Paulie, has another idea. He tells Zakiyah that it makes more sense to get rid of the "emotional wreck" that is Michelle. 

PP time

Paulie and Paul, still referring to themselves as PP, discuss this week's eviction over a game of pool. Paul tells Paulie that if everything goes perfectly, Zakiyah will go home, as she is the stronger girl. "I think we should worry about Meech," Paulie tells him. Paulie seems to believe that Zakiyah will never double cross him because of her personal feelings for him. 

Veto competition

The nominees, Zakiyah and Michelle, compete against HOH Victor, Nicole, James and Paulie for this week's Power of Veto.

In a competition titled "Hide and Go Veto," contestants one by one enter the house and hide their own veto card. They then have a few seconds to ransack the place looking for the other contestant's cards. The last card to be found — or, the person who hid their card the best — wins the Power of Veto. 

Michelle hides her veto card in one of her old costumes, while Nicole opts for the popcorn machine. Believing no one will look in someone else's suitcase, Victor puts his card in Bridgette's duffle. Zakiyah puts hers in a small crack next to a coffee table and James puts his inside a blanket comforter.

Paulie wins the veto. 

The Veto Ceremony

Paulie is torn. If he uses the POV, he might piss off some people in his alliance. If he doesn't, he'll lose Zakiyah's trust. "Even if I don't use it, you're still not going home," Paulie tells Zakiyah before the ceremony. How comforting. 

Paulie decides not to use the veto, and the nominations stay the same. 

Thursday night's episode will be an interesting one: the first double eviction of the season. It will air at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.