John Mayer's $1,422 Skin Regimen Is Surprisingly Lit


Have you ever looked at John Mayer's skin and thought "Wow, I wonder what products he uses?" Although your answer might be a hard "no," there are apparently some people that really want to know. So, naturally, he Snapchatted his entire "night moisturizing" routine on Wednesday evening. 

"You know, a lot of people ask me, 'John, what are some of your skincare secrets?" he started off his new series, "Skin Care Secrets With John."  "And I always say, 'That's an odd question to ask me.' And they always say, 'You literally just asked me to ask you that.'"

Before the below regimen truly begins, he washes his face with Proactiv, because apparently there are some celebrities that use the products without being paid to star in a commercial. 

And then onto the hacks. 

Skin Hack No. 1

Apply a rejuvenating lotion directly onto your face in what Mayer dubs, "D.A.T." or "Direct Application Technique."

"Applying skin lotion to your hands and then rubbing it into your face gets a lot of lotion stuck in the crease of the fingers and that's expensive," he said. And yes, his brand of choice, Natura Bissé, is damn expensive.  


Skin Hack No. 2

Dab eye concentrate all over your face and not just on, well, your eyes. "Eye concentrate is really just better facial moisturizer, but more expensive, in smaller bottles. Use it." Mayer's costs $205. 


Skin Hack No. 3

Next up is the "Offset Smiley." He recommends putting a C+C vitamin complex around your mouth.    


Then, apply moisturizer to your CNZs, or Crucial Necessity Zones. But instead of rubbing in the product with your fingers, like you did above, use a Q-tip to slowly massage it into your skin. 

"These are predesignated areas [where] I need moisture the most," he said. 


Skin Hack No. 4

Finally, use a mist spray to set in the moisturizers. "You do not want to spray mist directly onto your face, that's far too harsh for your skin." he said. "You want to spray it in front of your face and headbutt it.  


Mayer's nighttime routine will set you back $1,422. Note: Kim Kardashian West's morning routine is only $1,230. He might just be more high maintenance than she is. 

Let that sink in as you watch his full skincare regimen below.