Are Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson #Goals? An In-Depth Investigation


Hello, and welcome to #AreTheyGoals, a brand new feature in which we cyber-stalk a celebrity couple that has been heralded as #goals, and then ask ourselves the obvious question: "Well, are they goals?"

Given that this week has been all about the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, it was natural for our inaugural #AreTheyGoals couple to be American swimmer Michael Phelps and his fiancée Nicole Johnson. Phelps and Johnson have recently been declared #goals by a number of different sources, largely on account of their smitten social media presence.

While there is no Merriam-Webster definition for the nebulous concept of #goals, the term clearly implies that it is meant to signify that a couple has attained an aspirational level of love and commitment.

And so the time to fact-check has come. Let us examine five pieces of recent Instagram evidence.

1. This humorous selfie.

Some might look at this and think, "Jeez, that's not a nice face to be making while your fiancée plants a kiss on your cheek." But a better interpretation of this selfie would be: "LOL. They don't take themselves too seriously!"

Verdict: Goals. 

2. This non-humorous selfie that appears to have been taken, but not posted, on the same night as the above humorous selfie.

The quote-unquote "silly" version of this picture was good, but this is a nice take as well. It serves as proof that we are dealing with a celebrity couple that truly can do both.

Verdict: Goals.

3. This post-childbirth portrait.

Phelps is shirtless and extremely hot in this picture, which helps. But the true goals-iness of the shot can be seen in Nicole's eyes, which display the love and contentment of a woman who feels truly blessed.

Verdict: Goals. 

4. This serene family snapshot.

It's nice that this picture captures an intimate moment between a young couple and their new baby and all, but here's the thing: Michael looks well-rested and Nicole looks positively exhausted! Is he not helping out with the baby enough? I wonder.

Verdict: Not goals. 

5. This poignant moment at the Olympics.

Johnson not only cheered her man on from the sidelines as he dominated all of his events this week, but she also somehow managed to so with their bored-ass baby on her lap. That takes commitment.

Verdict: Goals. 

And so. With a four-to-one ratio, it looks like all the reports of Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson being #goals are indeed accurate.

Thank you for joining us for this week's edition of #AreTheyGoals? Have a great weekend! Maybe go for a nice swim with bae! So you too can be #goals!