Milwaukee Uprising: 6 Arrests on First Night of Curfew After Sylville Smith Shooting

Police made six arrests Monday night in Milwaukee, as protesters continued to vent their frustrations over the shooting death of an armed black man, Sylville Smith, on Saturday. But unlike the two previous nights of unrest in the city, there were no reports of property damage or violence, the Washington Post reported.

It was the first night that officials imposed a 10 p.m. curfew for teens, out of concerns that gun violence would again mar protests. During a news conference Monday night, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said some activity escalated to "confrontations that were heated."

Members of the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department close Sherman Park as part of a citywide curfew Monday evening.Darren Hauck/Getty Images

The arrests seemed to calm things down, Flynn added. He and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said Monday was much more peaceful than events on Saturday and Sunday following the fatal shooting of Smith.

On Sunday, at least two people were injured during evening protests. Police made 17 arrests Saturday, after rioting left six businesses to burned or destroyed in Milwaukee's Sherman Park neighborhood.

Warning: The following video contains graphic language.

Smith, 23, was shot while fleeing a traffic stop. Flynn and Barrett have repeatedly stated that Smith refused to drop a loaded firearm he brandished at an officer.

Officials said the male officer, who they identified as African-American, was wearing a body camera during his encounter with Smith. Pending an investigation by Wisconsin law enforcement officials, the video will be released to the public, Barrett said.

A man speaks to a Milwaukee police office ahead of a citywide curfew on MondayJeffrey Phelps/AP

In an emailed statement to Mic, the Wisconsin Department of Justice's division of criminal investigation confirmed Monday that it would make the body camera video available after the investigation is completed and after the local prosecutor makes a decision on whether to criminally charge the officer in Smith's shooting.

"In recognition of the violence that has affected Milwaukee residents for the last 48 hours, DOJ is working expeditiously, and within the parameters of the law, to provide the community a transparent view of the events that took place on Aug. 13 in a timely manner," spokeswoman Rebecca Ballweg said in the email.