'Big Brother 18': Paulie just can't stop crying


On Sunday night's episode of Big Brother, Victor nominated Paulie and Corey after being named Head of Household. But first, viewers finally got to see the bully that Paulie really is — something that those who watch the live feeds had already known for days.  

Wednesday's installment picks up right where Sunday's ended: the nomination ceremony. In the diary room, Victor reiterates that his target this week is Paulie. "I've been doing your dirty work for too long," he says.  

Paulie tells the cameras, "I'll fight until my last breath comes out." He calls out Victor in the kitchen in front of the rest of the Executives alliance (James, Corey and Paul.) He wants to know why two members are up if they had a deal. Victor's response? "I was voted out by everybody in this house except [Paul]." 

Paulie, still heated, goes to his former BFF Paul and asks him if he knew about the nominations prior to the ceremony. Paul denies everything, then goes straight to the diary room. "Of course I knew what was going on!" he says.

We got another crier

As if there hadn't been enough crying this season from Michelle and long-since-evicted Tiffany, Paulie sobs to Corey. "You're my homie, bro," he says.

James, Michelle, Paul and Natalie decide to call Paulie out before the veto competition. Because, at this point, why not? "I had your back, I don't know if I could say that right now though because you clearly don't have mine," Paul says to Paulie in the kitchen. "I was smart enough to realize that you're full of shit," Michelle adds. 

James then brings up a topic that has been quite prominent on the feeds and in the last episode of Big Brother: Paulie's comments toward other women. "You know I joke around with everyone in that sense," Paulie responds. 

Paulie believes that they are all teaming up against him because they are "afraid" of him.

Veto competition

Zingbot is back! The fan favorite robot joins the houseguests in the kitchen to offer them some insults before the competition starts. He makes fun of Paul's catchphrases, Michelle's crying and Nicole's showmances. Zing!

HOH Victor, nominees Corey and Paulie, and Nicole, James and Paul play in this week's veto competition, "Zingbot for President." 

Houseguests have to launch a bean bag at a map that has "zing states" with different amounts of electoral votes. The person who gets the lowest amount each round will be eliminated. They then will claim a campaign gift. But, any contestant eliminated after can trade their own campaign gift for a prior eliminated contestant's. 

Paul was eliminated in the first round and claimed the power of veto. Next, Nicole was eliminated and won a secret service costume but traded with Paul for the veto. Corey then claimed a vacation but traded for the veto, but Paulie quickly traded a patriotard for it. When Victor won the competition, James earned $5,000 and Victor traded the punishment of having to make apple pies all summer to Paulie for the veto. 

Veto ceremony

Victor decides not to use the veto, and the nominations stay the same, meaning either Paulie or Corey will be sent out the door on Thursday. Victor says in the diary room that it's time for Paulie to leave. Or, as he put it, "Skedaddle, leave, shoo." 

The next live eviction episode of Big Brother will air Thursday at 9 p.m. Eastern on CBS.