'Big Brother 18:' Paul drags his fellow houseguests, saying they "suck at this game"


In an attempt to get out one of the stronger players in the house, co-Heads of Household Natalie and Michelle nominated Victor and Paul on Sunday night's episode of Big Brother. 

Wednesday's installment picks up right where Sunday's ended, with two pissed-off contestants at the nomination ceremony. 

"Apparently, I am a manipulator, a liar and I became public enemy number one overnight," Paul says in the diary room. "It sounds like somebody got inside their ear and talked a whole lot of B.S." 

Victor goes to Paul and tells him that the girls had pulled him upstairs two hours before nominations and told him that he was going to be a pawn used to get Paul out.

"I was gunning for Nicole, but I nominated Paul because he has lied to my face countless times," Michelle tells the camera in the diary room. 

Paul chooses to go up to Natalie in the kitchen and ask her what he lied about. "If you're going to put me on the block at least have factual evidence," he says to her. Natalie refuses to be a part of the conversation, so he asks Michelle the same question. 

Not knowing that Nicole had already spilled the beans, Paul discloses that Paulie told him he needed to get James out. "Y'all suck at this game, I'll tell you that," Paul says.

After Nicole and Corey have a victory dance over not being put on the block, Michelle goes to Natalie and asks her if they made the right decision. Paul quickly joins them and wants to know who negatively talked about him to her. 

"Did you tell Paulie to put James on the block?" Natalie asks Paul. "Who told you? I can only assume it was [Nicole or Corey]." Paul clarifies what actually happened during the conversation between Nicole, Corey, Paul and Paulie. 

Natalie apologizes and starts crying, but Michelle sees this as another reason Paul needs to go: because of his ability to control people's emotions. 

Because Paul likes to tell it like it is, he calls out Nicole for lying to Natalie and James about his so-called plan to oust James. "I'm on the block because of you," Paul says to Nicole. "The manipulator and the liar here is sitting right in front of me." 

Her response? "I've never made one thing about you." 

At the same time, as Corey is finally allowed to remove his costume, he begins to strip without realizing Nicole and Paul are mid-fight. Awkward. 

But the fight continues, even with Corey being Corey. "You manipulated three people to put me on the block for no reason," Paul tells Nicole. 

Nicole then goes to Michelle and Natalie and asks: "Were you trying to get Paul super mad at me for some reason?" 

Storm watch veto competition

The two HOHs, Michelle and Natalie, plus nominees Victor and Paul and extra players Corey and James, compete in this week's veto competition. 

The houseguests are told that, throughout the night, they will hear information and details needed to win the veto. Hours later, one at a time, the contestants have to go outside and read the "weather" from a teleprompter that has blanks in its script —  all while they are heavily rained on. 

They must fill in the blanks with the information they received overnight. Each correct answer earns one point, and the person with the most points wins the veto. 


With 21 points, Paul wins the power of veto. 

Veto ceremony

After Paul takes himself off the block, Michelle chose Corey as the replacement nominee. Fans will see whether Corey or Victor heads out the door on the next live eviction episode of Big Brother, which will air Thursday at 9 p.m. Eastern on CBS.