In four words, Kylie Jenner just ended the conversation surrounding her alleged boob job


It seems that a day doesn't go by without a Kardashian-Jenner having to deal with unwarranted plastic surgery accusations. Earlier this week, bored model Kate Upton joked about the Kardashian family and their supposed nose jobs. And now, Twitter believes that the youngest Jenner might've gotten a breast augmentation. 

But for all those wondering, Kylie is just on her period and, as she wrote on Twitter, "They will deflate soon." 

To backtrack, this whole conversation started when the 19-year old went on a Snapchat spree in a low-cut, tight grey top. 

She then uploaded a series of photos to Instagram in which she's wearing a body con, off-the-shoulder white crop top. 

Many took to Twitter to discuss whether or not she had work done. "Kylie Jenner claimed that the reason she wasn't on social media the past few days is bc she was sick.. You got a boob job & we can tell girlie," one wrote. Said another: "Kylie totally got a boob job who she tryna play." 

Possibly because there were one too many tweets, Kylie decided to answer a few questions that people were asking about her boobs. 

One user flat out asked, "when did you get your breast done" to which Kylie responded, "Um never." When another person asked what her secret was, she said, "TMI but it's that time of the month lol." 


One fan decided to let Kylie know that, "everyone's saying [she] got [her] boobs done when [she was] MIA on [Snapchat]." Kylie jokingly answered, "Do u want to feel them to validate." 


Kylie also explained that she was not wearing a bra in the above images and that her boobs will soon deflate and that it'll "be a sad sad day."  She ended the conversation with, "Okay enough boob talk lmao." 

This is not the first time during Kylie's body evolution that people have accused of her getting her boobs done. 

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While Kylie has previously lied about getting lip fillers, and could possibly be fibbing again, who cares? She can do whatever she wants to her body. As one person wrote on Twitter, "So glad we're all focusing on the important things in life, for example, whether or not Kylie Jenner got a boob job." 

And then there's this: "Kylie claims that her boobs grew 3 sizes because she's on her period. When I'm on my month the only thing that grows is my stomach." Same.