James Corden mocks Kanye West's "Fade" video, gets splashed with oil by Teyana Taylor

Kanye West's music video premiere for "Fade," featuring a feline version of Teyana Taylor, made waves at the 2016 MTV Video Music awards. So, of course, late-night satirist James Corden found a way to inject himself into the conversation. 

The Late Late Show With James Corden aired a skit on Monday night featuring the comedian trying to exercise in the same gym as Taylor while she ran through her already-iconic choreography. He politely asks her to relocate to the dance room since she's not using any of the equipment, and at one point, the late night host is splashed with oil from Taylor's gleaming body. 

"That's too much oil," he says. "No one needs that much oil. Do you mind maybe just dialing it down a little bit?"

He points out a glaring sign she and West seem to have ignored: "No sheep in gym."

Watch the full video below.