This multicolored wedding dress has the internet freaking out — but it's nothing new


Taylor Ann, an artist based in California, loves color and knew there was no way she could wear a "plain white dress" to her recent wedding. What she didn't know was that her multicolored dress, which she DIY airbrushed, would go on to be viewed over 2.5 million times on Imgur, with many eager to know just exactly how she had done it. 

"I'm a MESSY Artist, white was banned from the closet due to the fact I would probably get paint on it," she wrote in a post on her website. "I was also banned from paint and any other form of art the week prior to the wedding, just to avoid any skin stains or mishaps."

She added, "When I said I was going to paint my wedding dress, I was surprised no one tried to steal all my paint and hide it until after the big day. ... But white is not allowed in my I had to ... the Art in me cannot be contained. Color color color!!! EVERYTHING!" 

Taylor Ann purchased her gown at a discount store and then sprayed three layers of paint on each layer of fabric and lace, creating a sunset effect. 

While many have commented on Taylor Ann's Instagram images with things like "that dress is breathtaking" and "find me a man so I can get married in a dress like this," the comment section on Imgur is filled with mixed reactions. 

There are some "worried" that this is going to lead to a lot of ruined gowns. "How many people are gonna fuck up an expensive dress trying to do this now," someone wrote. Said another: "I can't wait to see the Pinterest fails from this one." 

Others believe it would be a great way to cover up any potential stains. "Great way to hide all the damn stains on the hem from walking around for pictures," said a commenter. There were also a few comparisons like, it's "a tie dye shirt except for the most important day of your life" and "why do I get the feeling if I tried anything like this it would look like a crayola machine had puked all over the cloth?" 

While many are mesmerized by the dyed gown, Taylor Ann is definitely not the first person to have strayed away from the traditional white wedding dress. Australian blogger Sophie Cachia who wore black in April, Gwen Stefani who chose a pink and white dress in 2002 and Reese Witherspoon who wore blush in 2011, are just some of the more famous faces who have opted for colorful designs on their big days. 

But it's not just famous folks. Many Indian brides throughout history have worn red to their ceremonies because the color is thought to represent prosperity and fertility. 

Instagram, Getty Images

Taylor Ann is currently taking custom orders on her website for all those wishing to have a unique, one-of-a-kind gown. 

"If I didn't DIY the heck out of my wedding it just wouldn't be MY wedding," she wrote