Hillary Clinton Polls: Latest polls give Clinton double digit lead in Virginia

Donald Trump has an even tougher road to the White House than originally imagined, according to new polls released on Friday.

In the notorious swing state of Virginia, Clinton's hold continued to rise, topping out at 57 % in the northern half of the state and reaching 50 % for the first time in the Southern half of the state, according to a poll from Christopher Newport University. Clinton also leads big with women in the state with 47 % to Trump's 25 %, as well as with millennials, holding 45 % of their support to the 25 % who support Trump.

Perhaps more surprising is polling coming out of Georgia, a longtime Republican stronghold. Trump leads Clinton there by the tiniest of margins, 44 % to 42 %. The last time Georgians voted en masse for a Democratic president was 1992, when Bill Clinton won the state.

In Arizona, another longtime red state, Clinton leads Trump by 5 points, the Arizona Republic reported. 

These latest poll numbers come amid reports that the Clinton campaign is pouring millions of dollars in resources into campaigning in traditional Republican strongholds.