This young woman with cystic hygroma is shutting down her bullies once and for all

YouTuber and singer Courtney Blackmore, 20, has dealt with bullies her whole life, in person and online. But, she says, she just "brushes" them off, and devotes herself to sharing her voice with the world.

Blackmore has a condition called cystic hygroma, which causes an excess of tissue in the face and neck. She originally started her YouTube channel, CourtneyLuvsToSing, "for the fun of it," she said in an interview on Wednesday, but she also uses her channel to help educate people about her cystic hygroma, and to show that there's nothing scary about difference. "We're just like you, it doesn't matter if we look different or if we sound different," she said.

Now she has almost 10,000 subscribers on YouTube who watch her singing videos and the ones she shares of life with her fiancé. "I hope that I get to share my voice more with the world," Blackmore said, "and show everyone who's different that it's OK to be different."

Watch the video below: