Presidential Debate Questionnaire Answer Key And Winner

Yesterday, everyone weighed in with their predictions for the 1st debate. You can see your responses, and everyone else's, in this google doc. George Kennedy, with four right answers is the winner! Time to claim your sweet paird of PolicyMic shades (as seen in the picture to the left).

1. How many times will the candidates refer to their wives?

2x Obama; 1x Romney

2. How many times will one candidate interrupt the other?

5 times

3. How many times will the candidates say "tax(es)"?


4. What color ties will Obama and Romney be wearing? (You must get both correct.)

red romney, blue obama

5. How many split-screen shots of the candidates will there be?


6. Who will be the first dead person mentioned in the debate?

Dwight Eisenhower

7. How many times will the candidates receive applause (not including intro and outro)? (Tip: The audience will be instructed to hold applause until the end.)


8. What will be the first state mentioned by either candidate (other than Colorado, just in case)


9. At what time will the debate end?


10. How many people will tune in to watch the debate?

50-65 million (as of 12:00pm EST)