Obama vs Romney: Both Candidates Continue to Fail to Address the Needs of Young Voters


In a piece earlier in the week, I declared a pretty simple truth: Young people are dying to hear the two men running for President stand up to their parties in the name of protecting the future.

So did either of them make the grade?

Unfortunately, the short answer is “no.” While both President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney threw out a lot of facts and figures, but neither candidate offered us anything new. They both refused to stray away from talking points, or to make any admission of how each of their respective parties are to blame for our $16 trillion debt.

The fact of the matter is that the debt has increased under both Democrats and Republicans.

For some reason, both Romney and Obama just haven’t been able to get the hint that people all across this country are ready for leaders to start thinking of themselves as Americans first.

To make sure they receive that message, The Can Kicks Back team has drafted a letter to the next president that we hope you’ll sign.

In it, we ask whoever wins to get to work on solving the debt immediately. There’s no time to sit around blaming other people or relying on partisan solutions. We need to see leadership and we need to see a willingness to collaborate, because every day that goes by puts us deeper into an economy where uncertainty rules. That means businesses can’t hire, nobody is spending money, and soon enough interest rates are going to be through the roof.

Please help us stop that from happening by taking a moment to sign our letter to the next president. It’s going to take all of us working together if we’re going to reclaim our future and get our leaders to stop kicking the can down the road.