'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Team Builder: Best fan-made lineups so far


Can't stand the wait for Pokémon Sun and Moon? The unofficial team builder website is a great way to plan your six-Pokémon lineup and pass the time before the game launches. I already created my own lineup with the team planner, but I thought it might be fun to shine a light on a handful of other great Pokémon Sun and Moon teams that fans have created and shared online.

First, here's my ultimate lineup, created using the Pokémon Sun and Moon team builder tool:


Pokémon Sun and Moon team builder: 5 great lineups

Twitter user @CJSinFlare came up with a pretty interesting lineup using the team builder tool. He bends the rules slightly by adding two starters to his team, but that could be achieved by working out a trade with another Pokémon Sun and Moon player. The lineup also includes the midnight form of Lycanroc, which is exclusive to the Moon version of the game.

Here's another impressive Pokémon Sun and Moon team from Twitter user @BlazinHope. It includes starter Popplio in its final form, Primarina, along with first-generation ghost-type Gengar and Eevee evolution Sylveon.

This Pokémon Sun and Moon team builder lineup puts a big focus on Alola forms, including tropical versions of Muk, Dugtrio and Marowak.

Twitter user @alvaroXD77 managed to create an impressively well-balanced lineup using the team builder tool. The team includes starter Owlet in its final evolution, Decidueye, along with the Alola form of Muk. 

Finally, @Wolf_Of_Storms created a powerful lineup, including Decidueye, Lycanroc and the Alola form of Raichu. It also throws in fan-favorite Arcanine. Overall, this is a great team, though it may be weak against ground-type Pokémon.


Pokémon Sun and Moon team builder: Create your own lineup

There's still a few days left to go before Pokémon Sun and Moon is released. In the meantime, you might as well check out the team builder tool for yourself and try creating the perfect lineup while you wait.