Black Friday tech deals 2016: 11 sales you can't miss this year

Black Friday is quickly approaching, and everyone is looking for the best deals. It helps to have a game plan in mind before you head to stores, sometimes in freezing cold weather. You want to be especially prepared to search for the best deals ahead of time, especially when it comes to tech and gadgets. Here's a list of tech deals you won't want to miss on Black Friday.

iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is considered one of the best phones on the market currently. It has a longer battery life than any other iPhone, and improvements in camera technology make it highly desirable among techies.

Black Friday deals for the iPhone 7 and 7 plus vary among retailers. Most, like Walmart, Best Buy and Target, are offering $250 gift cards to their respective stores when you buy a new iPhone.

Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet

Microsoft is offering a $100 discount on its Surface 3 tablet, according to Forbes. The Surface 3 will be on sale during Black Friday for $399. The tablet is a thinner option than the Surface 3 Pro, a tablet that converts to a laptop when you need it for typing purposes. The Surface 3 is not as fast as the Pro, but it does provide a less expensive, and lighter, alternative. This Black Friday deal makes it an even more affordable option.

A Samsung brand ChromebookRon Harris/AP

Chromebooks at Walmart

Walmost has been rumored to offer some pretty big Black Friday savings on the Chromebook laptop. Chromebooks were already an affordable option to begin with when compared to most other laptops. But Walmart is sweetening the deal on the Samsung Chromebook 3. Those ordinarily retail for around $250, but on Black Friday, Walmart is offering them for a steal at $119.

PlayStation 4 at Kohl's

Many retailers are offering great deals on Sony's PlayStation 4. These deals include bundles with the highly acclaimed game Uncharted 4. Most are selling the device with this bundle set for around $249.99, with various offers added in. Kohl's department stores have possibly the best offer of all — it's throwing in $75 in Kohl's Cash when you purchase a PS4. Who couldn't use additional spending money for more Black Friday deals?

GoPro Drones

GoPro cameras provide some amazing, picturesque photos and videos that will leave you breathless. The GoPro Karma drone will give enthusiasts a big reason to open their wallets. The drone itself is able to fly up to 14,500 feet into the sky. The GoPro camera is not included, but several bundle deals are available to purchase both. The drone by itself costs around $799.

A Samsung blu-ray disc playerBang Sung-hae/AP

Blu-ray players

Best Buy has a great deal on Blu-ray players, including a Samsung UBD-K8500 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player with built-in Wi-Fi. This usually retails for around $400, but Best Buy is offering a $200 discount as part of its Black Friday sales event. Are you still wavering? The big box store will even throw in a $10 gift card after your purchase.

Wii U

There are plenty of bargains for the Wii U (if you're not patient enough to wait for the Nintendo Switch to hit the markets in March of 2017). There aren't any specific bargains to find for the Wii U quite yet, but you can expect prices to be pretty low this Black Friday — dismal sales performances over the past four years and the arrival of the Switch next year means retailers will likely put some heavy discounts on the Wii U to get it off the shelves. Games for the Nintendo console are also marked down.


A lot of people will be looking to lose weight this holiday season, especially after a big Thanksgiving meal. Fitbits help individuals keep track of their steps and overall physical activity, including "exercise, food, weight and sleep," according to its official site. Fitbit Charge HR, which normally retails for $130, will be on sale at Target stores for $89.95.

Fitbit fans receive a demonstration of the devicesCharlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Beats by Dre

Wireless headphones provide a great sound quality while allowing you the freedom to move about without getting tangled up in cords. Beats by Dre have been on the market for a few years now, but they still remain popular. Best Buy is offering an excellent deal on the headphones — available on Black Friday for just $149.99, a $150 savings.

Amazon Echo

If you want a virtual assistant and speaker, the Amazon Echo is the perfect fit. The device plays all your music (from several different platforms, including Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and Amazon Music itself), reads the news and can answer everyday questions without requiring you to type anywhere. You can personalize your Echo with its own name: "Alexa: What's the capital of Sweden?" (It's Stockholm, in case you're wondering.) Amazon has a Black Friday deal offering Echo for $139.99, a savings of $40.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon is also offering a great deal on its Fire TV Stick. The device plugs into your smart TV and grants you access to "over 7,000 apps, games, and Alexa skills including Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, YouTube," and more, according to Amazon's official site. This device ordinarily retails at just around $40, but Amazon is offering a $10 Black Friday discount.