New Nintendo 3DS Black Friday 2016 Deals: Play 'Pokémon Sun and Moon' in style for $100


If you don't want to wait until after the Nintendo Switch is released to play Pokémon Sun and Moon, but you don't feel like spending $200 for a New Nintendo 3DS, you're in luck. Black Friday is right around the corner with a special offer on the New Nintendo 3DS.

Best Buy is advertising an in-store Black Friday sale for a Super Mario-themed New Nintendo 3DS that's only $100. That's a fantastically low price if you're willing to brave the crowds.


Black Friday New Nintendo 3DS deals: Is it worth the upgrade?

Take note, the Best Buy sale is specifically for a New Nintendo 3DS, as opposed to a regular Nintendo 3DS. The new version of the hardware features a much larger screen, an improved 3-D graphics system which gives your head greater range of movement without losing the 3-D effect, and a second analog stick, on the right side of the system.

In part, what makes a potential release of Pokémon Sun and Moon on Nintendo Switch so exciting is the idea of playing a "main" Pokémon game on a much larger screen than ever before. In the meantime, if you have to play it on the 3DS, you can get the newest model for only $100. That's a damn good price.

Pokémon Sun and Moon: Everything you need to know

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