The best 'Overwatch' Black Friday 2016 deals: Sales for PS4, Xbox One and PC


If you've got your eyes on a copy of Blizzard's multiplayer shooter Overwatch following the free weekend on PS4, Xbox One and PC, several retailers are selling it for just $35 in honor of Black Friday.

Overwatch Black Friday deals

Call it a bait and switch if you want, but the cheapest copy of Overwatch you'll be able to get is available directly from BlizzardOverwatch is on sale at the $35 Black Friday price point for PS4, Xbox One and PC. It will remain at that price until Nov. 28.


Amazon and Best Buy are offering Overwatch at that same price point: Amazon already has Overwatch listed for $35, but Best Buy's sale will be available Thursday to Saturday.

This is by far the cheapest we've seen of a new copy of Overwatch, so if you've been considering getting yourself a copy, now would be the time.

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