Obama vs Romney Debate: Top 5 Liberal Excuses For Obamas Poor Debate Performance


For the first time during this campaign season, liberals are panicking.

In the aftermath of what was widely considered across the spectrum as a debate victory for former Gov. Mitt Romney over President Barack Obama last week, liberals were left scrambling to do damage control. It couldn’t possibly be because Romney was better prepared, knows the facts, and favors the solutions that a majority of Americans support. Not a chance. Something was off.

Let’s go over the most creative excuses we’ve heard:

1. The Altitude in Denver

Really? So anyone who flies into Denver better take a nap for a few hours or so, lest you get so light-headed you walk into a wall or forget your own name? Look the attitude excuse may work for visiting teams who lose to the Broncos after hours of high physical activity in a contact sport, but this was a presidential debate. Obama didn’t need an oxygen tank next to him.

2. It’s John Kerry’s Fault for Being a Bad Romney Debate Impersonator


Damn you Senator Kerry! You would think a multi-millionaire from Massachusetts would know how Romney would perform in a debate because, I mean, they’re all the same, right? Heck, Obama could’ve prepared against any rich guy because those are the kinds of answers Romney was going to come up with: rich guy sounding answers and stuff. Gee, makes me wonder if Senator Rob Portman (who was Romney’s debate partner) is really a half-African American constitutional law professor who believes in big government solutions and redistribution of wealth …

3. Fox News Convinced America Obama is Now an “Angry Black Man”

Sigh, the race card never gets old with the left. So now the evil geniuses over at Fox News have a nationwide conspiracy plan to convince America that not only is Obama a black man, but an “angry” one at that. No one seemed to care that Obama was half-African American when he won by a record number of votes in 2008, but now, all of a sudden it’s an issue in 2012. And everyone who voted for him back in 2008 suddenly changed their minds all because of Fox News ... so that’s why Obama “had to be timid” during the debate. Have I got that right?

4. The Mainstream Media is Now Pro-Romney

Man, this is rich. Not only does Krugman (surprise) blame the media for not being anti-Romney enough, but presidential senior adviser David Plouffe is going so far as to claim the mainstream media is now pro-Romney! According to The Washington Post, “David Plouffe argued that Mitt Romney’s victory in Wednesday’s debate was in part the product of a media desire for a certain narrative. ‘You guys may disagree with me,’ he told the media he was critiquing, but ‘people are itching to write the Romney comeback story.’” Are you kidding me? After desperately trying for weeks to write Romney’s funeral using the 47% sound bite and polls that way over sample Democrats by double digits, the mainstream media has now done an about face and has a bias against Obama!? Oh the poetic justice.

5. It Wasn’t Fair That Obama Couldn’t Use His Teleprompter

Wow. Hell, why don’t we just let Obama have an earpiece too so that David Axelrod can tell him what to say at any moment he needs it.

The truth is the reason why Obama did so poorly in this debate and why he looked so uncomfortable is because he’s never been in this position before. Throughout his relatively short political career, he’s never had a record to defend. It’s easy to infinitely vote “present” on any tough decisions when you’re Senator, but as Chief Executive, you don’t have that luxury. The American people will know everything you’ve put your signature on, everything you supported and implemented, and everything that couldn’t pass without your permission. In other words, he’s accountable now, despite his best efforts to still pin everything on his predecessor.

Romney has a record to defend as well as Governor of Massachusetts, where he cut spending by $1.6 billion, balanced a budget without raising taxes, and lowered unemployment to 4.7% which turned a $3 billion deficit into a $700 million surplus and gave the state a credit rating upgrade. There’s not much to attack with that record; the Obama campaign has instead resulted to personal character attacks and accused him of waging a war on women, of being a felon by not paying his taxes, and even murdering a steel worker’s wife.

That may work in attack ads but if Obama thinks he can rely on those during the debates, the next two won’t look much different from the first. Hearing more of these pathetic excuses should be fun though!