Debate Winner: Joe Biden Wins, Read the Transcript and See the Reactions From Obama and Romney


Update: 11:47 pm Over-and-out. Good night folks.

11:45pm New pictures of President Obama and Mitt Romney watching the VP Debate tonight:

Air Force One vs Pizza Guy (Is that an Etch-A-Sketch on the table?)

11:28pm Here's the transcript of tonight's VP debate:  

Closing thoughts: I thought that Biden did a good job in raising the level of discussion. Some tweets have called Biden 'obnoxious' for the eighty-something times that he interrupted Ryan--but I think it was to call him out on the incorrect facts. 

Ryan- sounded very 'moderate' and not an extreme Republican. Though being a liberal--it doesn't affect me anyhow. I'm not one of the undecided. 

I think also--Ryan's trying really hard to wipe away the '47%' gaffe by telling people that Romney really does care. He might--but that message is really difficult to overcome.  Both nominees I think had a really great substantive debate...but they didn't really agree on anything.

10:30pm Ryan--closing statement. 'Government takeover of healthcare'. unemployed, poverty.."this is not what a real recovery looks like". 

Romney is "uniquely qualified" says Ryan. Makes a last plea for Romney/Ryan ticket.

10:29pm Biden: in his closing statement-wants a "level playing field."

10:28pm Ryan "working with democrats sometimes works." I feel like he is trying to push the jobs plan -and is very agressive with that. But sometimes growth takes a while to happen. It sort of doesn't matter who's going to be the president next term--It's going to take like ten years to get where we were pre-2008.

10:25pm Ryan- making the same argument. "Hope and Change" espoused by Obama administration failed--but that's a two way street. I think-Obama did go out to Washington--wanting to make a real change but faced the GOP who wants him to be a one-term president. How do you go up against a brick wall??

10:21pm  Looks like Biden took his own advice tonight.

10:17 Ryan-again-China Bashing. Tells of Obama's view that China's one child policy-sterilized abortion is 'fine'. But that's China- it's a way of keeping the population down. like it or not that's the business of China. 

10:15pm And on to Religion. 

Ryan: his daughter's name is 'bean' . Romney administration -to oppose abortion.

I think that's wrong to use religion as a way to govern. Sorry-but that's just me. 

10:13pm Question: Criteria of intervention in Syria. 

Ryan: whatever is good for american national security interest.

10:10pm Ryan--wants US to assist Syria to depose Assad. Blasts the Russia-veto power but China also has veto power in the Security UN Council which he doesn't mention.

Biden-says how our allies are all on board. Confirms that Russia 're-set' is working.

Moderator-puts the question if Syria doesn't fall. Good question. Again, Ryan's point of losing credibility. Sometimes,-things aren't so black and white.

10:08pm Biden is spewing some serious geographical info on the comparison between Syria and Libya...

10:07pm Oh boy, Ryan is talking about how the calendar is the same everywhere...this is what they're talking about?

Biden: AFGHANS! They're sending Afghans to do the job...Yes!

Uh-oh--Conservatives are not happy tonight:

10:04pm Biden stresses the point that Afghanistan needs to make the country theirs. Good point. Because the US is going to eventually leave. So against Ryan's point--it's not a political point. 

10:01pm Ryan--doesn't think that the Afghanistan war has been successful...Somewhat true..But given the circumstances...President O--will leave by 2014 --

Ryan: agree with administration's 2014 timeline. (shaky voice). Do not want to embolden their enemies by not giving a strict timeline. 

My view: But there's not much to bind the enemies either--to take advantage of the timeline.

9:56pm Talking about's needed.Defense cuts-Ryan: No. We would have the smallest navy since WWI.

9:56 pm Great picture that could possible summarize the whole night.

9:53pm  "not mathematically possible". "never done before". Wow--Biden is killing it!! He is calling Ryan out (again!) on a 20% tax cut--and not affecting the middle class. Going back and forth and how it's possible.

Biden:  "not mathematically possible". "never done before"

9:51 "fair" is how Romney described the tax that was paid on his $20mm income. 

9:50pm Biden--was there when Ronald Reagan gave the specifics of the tax cuts..Wow, that's a punch right to the Romney campaign.

9:49pm "how to pay for across the board 20% tax cuts" Moderator asks of Ryan. "Do you have the specifics?" She keeps on harping him on that...The public needs to know!!!

9:48pm Okay, so Ryan wants us to be like Canada? He's invoking Canada's 15%tax rate. Really? Is that such a good idea--um, socialized healthcare and all that? 

9:46pm Wow, Biden is certainly things pretty clear--no new taxes for middle classes. 'unconscionable'. 'Great recession'. 

Ryan: need tax reform--will create jobs. 28% of tax income is enough for families and small businesses, but posits that President O wants 44% of income tax.

Just a reminder than in the past, the income tax used to be a whole LOT higher. 

9:42pm Ryan says that --needs to save Medicare ...invoking fear tactic that Biden is using.

9:39pm Oooh, it's getting ugly. 

I love Biden's facial expression. Sort of like Bill Cosby.


9:37pm Question:Will benefits for American have to change for Medicare and Social Security to survive?

 9:33pm Ryan: China-bashing now. Not a good idea. Considering New York Times article stating the Bain Capital has business in China-precisely the opposite of the message that Romney says he is for.

9:31pm. Ryan wants growth to be 4% . right now it's less than 2% But that is quite difficult to accomplish considering the world is in a global shutdown. 

Biden: "I love my friend here." Lol.

Biden: explains of a letter Ryan --to ask for federal stimulus money...Nice attack... 

9:30pm...Biden aiming at Ryan's and engaging in personal attacks. 

 9:29pm Ryan tells a touching story of Romney's generosity. 

9:28pm Biden just made a joke--"always says what he means". 

9:25pm 47%! Biden did it...he's on a roll. He's passionate--making a good speech. says middle class are being held hostage---

I don't agree with Ryan's answer though. It's almost like glamourizing the stagnant economy for the GOP's own selfish ends. I mean, there are places where economy is booming--South Dakota. 

 9:22pm Economy!

Biden giving his spiel: $1.6 trillion in wealth lost. Can unemployment rate go below 6%?

9:22pm Biden "war should be the absolute last option". Agree. Martha puts Ryan's position as "another war in the middle east?"...

9:19pm Good point Biden! Let's not forget several weeks ago, Iran's currency hit a nose dive--so that's evidence that the sanctions are doing 'something'.

a "bunch of deal"= Irish slang?

9:17pm Ryan--says needs to change the minds of Iran because according to him, they're on an inevitable path to destruction. 

9:15pm. Biden--I like how he calls Ryan his "friend".  He sounds exasperated--what else does the GOP want? invoking war--says Biden.

 9:15pm Ryan states that sanctions are in place because of Congress--not of President Obama.

9:13pm How effective would a military strike be?

Ryan--in the beginning of Obama administration, Iran had enough to make 1 bomb. Now they have enough for 5 bombs. Thereby, showing how ineffective sanctions have been since the start of the Obama administration.

 9:13 Iran!

 9:11pm Ryan says -should apologize for the horrible treatment of dead corpses...But not apologizing for American values. But this kind of behavior happens frequently. Doesn't make us look very good in the eyes of the public. Soft power may get us farther than a show of hard power.


9:09 pm Biden--stating how Obama is a man of cooperation. Changing assessments of intelligence-more security was not relayed.  Intelligence community changed their view.

9:06pm Ryan --stating that youtube video should be classified as a terrorist incident. Nice flash of teeth, Biden. There's no status of agreement, Ryan says. Does not want to project weakness abroad. Another flash of teeth by Biden when Obama administration is seen as 'weak' by the foreign community.

"it's never too early to speak up for our values" says Ryan. "peace, democracy and individual rights" but not be done through defense cuts. 

--yes! Biden just called out Ryan for his bullsh*t. 

 9:03pm Introductions by Moderator Martha Raddatz were just done-Biden and Ryan are both wearing dark blue suits.

First question-Biden (gets to go first from coin toss). Was Libya a massive failure?

"wherever the facts lead us". People should look at most important qualities of president---ending Iraq and winding down Afghanistan. 

8:58pm's the live stream for tonight's VP Debate. Enjoy!

8:45pm Just 15 minutes before debate starts. The subject matter will involve domestic and foreign policy topics. Presumably, Biden will be much more engaging with Ryan than the previous presidential debate. Both candidates will be sitting--makes it less like a face-off and more like a casual chat. 

Have you seen the old Nixon/JFK debates? 

8:39pm Mother Jones just launched a video showing the funny faces Mr. Ryan has been known to make.

Here's a funny gif entitled 'crazy eye'...It's really subtle.

8:32 pm I didn't get a chance to update the blog today ---had a long day of classes. But I'm here are people excited or what? 

PBS's Frontline had released what looks to be a must-see movie of the comparisons between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama called: The Choice 2012. I'm attaching a preview but the movie is available on both youtube or PBS website.

Watch The Choice 2012 on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

10/10/12 7:05pm Not sure how I lived without Twitter. Tomorrow is going to be so crazy!

 6:11pm Oct. 10  This can't be the picture of Paul Ryan tomorrow...No no no!!!


Get ready to rumble! On Thursday, October 11 (starting at 9:00 p.m.-10:30 p.m. EST) the vice presidential debate between Republican nominee Representative Paul Ryan and Democratic incumbent Joe Biden will take place at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. The moderator overseeing the debate will be Martha Raddatz, a senior foreign affairs correspondent with ABC News.  She will need to be a more aggressive moderator than Jim Lehrer, who faced criticism in his ability to get both nominees to adhere to time limits when answering questions. 

After last week's stunning debate performance given by a gaffe-prone Mitt Romney, prompted pundits and voters alike as to the whereabouts of the "real" Mitt Romney. Similarly, President Obama lacked his confident oratorical skills and instead assumed a meek and down-on-his-luck demeanor -- not like him at all. 

The first presidential debate was really a positioning of body language as much as it was on policy positions. This second debate will be a chance for voters to get a better grasp on who Paul Ryan is -- fiscal conservative hawk or likeable congressman?

Due to the unusual turn of events, the poll numbers in swing states like Virginia and Ohio have turned to Romney’s favor. This debate performance could further strengthen the Romney campaign should he perform as well as he did in Colorado. On the other hand, the Obama camp needs to clinch this debate by making known their rationale for positions taken in the past four years as the best solution given the circumstances for the American public.

Word has it that Biden, who spent the weekend in an intensive 3-day debate prep, has delved into reading Young Guns, a book co-authored by Ryan to get into the mindset of his younger and wonkier opponent. 

Since this is his 18th appearance at a presidential debate, he’s not likely to make any gaffes.  In the eyes of the public, "Uncle Joe" is a likeable guy. He has served 10 years as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. For Ryan, this would be the first appearance on a national stage and as such, needs to make his policy position in easy to understand language -- for the American public -- as possible.

PolicyMic will be covering the vice presidential debate live.  For live updates, bookmark and refresh this page.