The best drones with cameras you should get for holiday 2016 — discounts, deals and more

Ready to send your holiday gifts flying to new heights? Drones, my friend. Drones are the perfect present. They're cheaper than ever — and one model in particular, the DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter, can be found for $350 off.

While in years past it might have been difficult to find ready-to-fly models at affordable rates, the holidays have encouraged more and more stores to slash prices on their inventory of commercial drones. 

With drones, you get what you pay for — but you can still find great devices that can perform a lot of tricks and won't break the bank. Whether you're in the market for something big or small, there's something on this list for everyone. It's time to see what all the fuss is about.

The big deal: DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

DJI Phantom 4 QuadcopterDJI /Amazon

This quadcopter is one of the best on the market and has been heavily discounted in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The drone comes with GPS, which makes autonomous takeoffs and landings a breeze; 4K ultra HD video and a built-in video editor; precision hovering; 28 minutes of flight time and complimentary software to make sharing footage and photos easy. Save up to $350 off its regular retail price if you buy on Amazon.

Yuneec Typhoon H Hexacopter: $999.99 (total savings of $300)

Typhoon H HexacopterYuneec/Best Buy

The Typhoon H Hexacopter by Yuneec looks quite intimidating on first glance, but it offers great usability and specs. It includes up to 25 minutes of flight time, HD footage options, 360-degree angles and six rotors to ensure more stability while in air. For a limited time, shoppers who purchase the device from Best Buy and sign up for a company account will get a $20 coupon for future purchases or a free 8-inch-by-8-inch photo book. 

Parrot Bebop Drone 2 FPV bundle: $499 (total savings of $200)

Parrot Bebop Drone 2Dell

With the Parrot Bebop, you get a bundle that works well for both the family and solo drone enthusiasts. The company's VR headset let users see up-close-and-personal footage taken while in-flight in real time. Built-in Wi-Fi allows for instant sharing via the company's downloadable app, and the joystick helps navigate direction, speed and altitude. Paid app upgrades include the ability to map out independent flight plans. 

Air Hogs Star Wars Millennium Falcon XL Flying Drone: $168.84 ($299.99)

Fly the iconic Star Wars ship on your own. Air Hogs/Walmart

Escape to a galaxy far, far away with this one-of-a-kind-drone that is, if you're anything like me, sure to make your inner child very, very happy.

While the drone won't help you master the Force, it can offer up to eight minutes of flying time, a light-up cockpit that comes with Chewie and Han Solo action figures and a remote control with flight data screen options. 

Best Choice Product's Headless Remote Control Quadcopter: $59.94 (total savings of $105.01)

The Gyro Headless Quadcopter in all its beauty.Walmart/Walmart

If you're looking for a drone that can do a little bit of everything on a tight budget, this one is your best bet. It can shoot video, it lets you share footage in real time with friends using Wi-Fi and it comes with replacement blades, motion sensors to avoid crashes and a remote control. Its six-minute flight time is less than ideal, but it's still a more affordable option than other devices with similar features.

Wonder Chopper RC Stunt Drone Quadcopter: $49 (total savings of $30.99)

Wonder Chopper's RC stunt drone quadcopter Wonder Chopper/Amazon

High-end drones by DJI and Yuneec may get a lot of attention from seasoned pros, but smaller (and much cheaper) remote-controlled devices can be just as fun. This stunt drone by Wonder Chopper is perfect for beginners more concerned with having a good time than recording their surroundings. It great for indoor use and performs reasonably well outdoors with good weather. Each kit includes a landing pad, replacement parts, USB charger and two rechargeable batteries that when fully charged allow approximately 12 minutes of flight time.

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