Biden Wins VP Debate 2012: Youtube Video and Analysis


According to a phone interview on with a Wisconsin reporter yesterday, Paul Ryan is ready to be called a liar. Joe Biden is ready to call him one, in what is a telegraphed strategy. Tonight's debate from Centre square may hinge on this.

Can Ryan be pinned down on inconsistencies? Is his draconian budget fair game? Or will he claim that this is not Romney's plan? What about Romney's debate lies? Will Biden want to even bring up last week's debate? Will Ryan continue the trend of style and no substance? Who will mention Big Bird? Will Ryan attack Big Bird? Will Biden attack Ryan for attacking Big Bird? Will Ryan attack Biden for attacking Ryan for attacking Big Bird? Will Biden.......

In all of Joe Biden's life, he has been many things. But a crappy debater is not one of them. I expect fireworks after a BORING first debate, but Biden should still be careful. Voters may feel sorry for Ryan if he is getting beat up. I don't think they'd have the same pity for the seasoned VP.

Romney was able to slither away from any details last week by simply supplying a laundry list of desired results. Ryan does this constantly on the campaign trail.

Details, anyone? Will Ryan live up to the ticket's reputation as outlined beautifully by Stephen Colbert:

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It looks like we are watching this debate on CNN instead of PBS, this time... much less peaceful in the tone and cadence of pundits. Maybe now I'll be more clued in on how the media will react. Last time, I was surprised by the reaction in the press in what I saw was a boring and inconsequential debate.

8:02 pm: Ryan attacks on lack of Marine detachment with Libya ambassador at Benghazi.Blames Obama for "blaming Romney/Ryan for making this an issue"

(Note, this was a consulate, not an embassy, the ambassador had military security, we are getting lost in the weeds)

8:08pm: Applause for Biden calling Ryan out on "malarkey"

Biden criticizes Romney for being the one to politicize Egypt/Benghazi on September 11 before they even knew Amb. Stevens was dead.

8:11: Ryan criticizes Obama Admin for weakness

8:15 Biden touts strongest sanctions ever on Iran, imagines world where Republicans had their way. Insists Iran has no weapon, calls rhetoric "bluster." Implies Romney/Ryan wants war.

8:17: Ryan says Iran is "spinning centrifuges faster," criticizes Obama for being on the view.

Raddatz criticizes Netanyahu speech.

Biden says Ayatollah sees his nation as weaker, Biden calls Netanyahu his old friend "Bibi."

Biden calls Ryan rhetoric "a bunch of stuff," urges calm, says Iran is more isolated now than 4 years ago, incredulous at Ryan accusation that Iran is closer to a nuclear weapon, Biden says they have no weapon to put fissile material in, Ryan hits on Iran's increase in fissile material.

8:21 : Ryan: Ayatollahs see this kind of rhetoric, they say to themselves "I want a nuclear


Ryan says nuclear armed Iran is biggest threat, Biden implies that a war in the Mideat is a larger threat, touts Netanyahu's favor in imposing Obama sanctions.


Biden goes back to 2008, economic collapse, re-hashes Romney's advocacy of letting Detroit go bankrupt.

HOWLS at Biden's metnion of the "47 percent" Biden on a roll, hits Norquist pledges on Republican side, tax cuts for "super-wealthy," repeats true clain that a half-trillion dollar tax cut proposed by Republicans benefits 120k households.

Crowd appreciation for Biden igndignance at Ryan claim that Scranton unemployment is up since Jan. 2009.

8:28: Laughs when Ryan calls Romney "a car guy"

Story about Romney charity toward unfortunate.

Crowd doesn't like statements that Romney cares about the poor, chuckles at Ryan accusation of Biden gaffe-proneness.

Biden touts Romney's lack of feeling toward American auto industry.

8:30: Biden goes after Ryan and Republican history of crashing economy, Ryna blames it on Obama and Dem Congress in 2009 and 2010.

Biden incredulous at Ryan criticism of stimulus, pointing out Ryan requests for millions in stimulus money. Criticizes use of word "cronyism."

8:33: Ryan changes subject by saying CHINA and Finland. Ryan asks "Where are 5 million green jobs?" As if he cares...


8:34:Ryan touts Medicare being there for his relatives, says his program will protect it, accuses Obamacare of takin $716 billion from Medicare, criticizes board who will decide ACA finances. Says use of term "vouchers" is a "scare tactic."

8:36: Biden compares Ryan criticism to Palin's "death panels."

Says AMA AARP supports Obamacare pla, says seniors have more benefits and cheaper costs.

Biden says Ryans first voucher program would have cost seniors $6,400 per year on Medicare. Romney says he'd have voted for it. Criticizes Ryan Romney plan for safety net privitization. (APPLAUSE)

Ryan says Obama turning Medicare into a piggy bank for Obamacare (GROANS).

8:40: Ryan calls $6400 number wrong, calls Ryan plan "bipartisan," citing 2 Dems, Biden disputes, saying those two have disavowed plan.

Biden says Obamacare plan saved money, Ryan DOES NOT DIPUTE, but says it reduced choice at same time.

Crowd applause at implication Ryan is hurting safety nets.

8:43: Ryan agrees he wanted to privatize Soc. Security with Bush, still wants to raise retirement age.

Biden laughing at Ryan again, may not play well.

Biden pissed, says Ryan is jeopardizing Social Security, raising cost of Medicare.


8:45: Biden says Middle class will pay less, millionaires will pay more under Obama. Repeats that richest 120k families will get half trillion tax cut in 10 yrs under Romney. Says Republicans holding middle class tax cut hostage for rich tax cut. "unconscionable"

Ryan replies that richest should NOT pay  more for 28 percent. Says there are not enough taxes to be paid to account for spending. "WATCH OUT MIDDLE CLASS" they are coming for you? or something.

Ryan says Obama tax increases on rich will cost 710,000 jobs.

Ryan touts Reagan-Tip O'Neill cooperation, says Romney will close $1.1 trillion in loophole closing.

Applause at Raddatz goading Ryan into "promising" numbers will add up and Biden's offer to "translate"

Criticism of Romney's low tax rate, American Enterprise Study. Says $5 trillion loophole will come on backs of middle class tax cut and mortgage rate cut.

APPLAUSE at Biden's fighting spirit at Ryan's BS on numbers adding up. "You're Jack Kennedy now?"

Biden's laughing looks a little better worn now.

Biden says Ryan cuts out tuition tax credit. Biden asks Ryan to guarantee that those making less than $100k per year will still get mortgage tax cut.

Biden points out that 97 percent of businesses make 250k or less, not affected by rich tax hike.

CROWD APPROVES OF BIDEN CRITICISM OF $2 Trillion increase in military spending by Romney/Ryan.

Ryan insists it is a lack of a trillion in cuts.

Biden insists military spending cuts were proposed by military leaders.


Ryan says "we don't want to lose the gains we've gotten." "We agree with" Obama 2014 withdrawal plans.

But disagree on troop levels, negotiations with Taliban, and making sure "commanders have what they need"

Both tout time in Afghanistan.

Biden focused on Al-Qaida, Afghan training and responsibility, drawdown.

Says Romney/Ryan policy based on "it depends."


Ryan says his friend is in Afghanistan and we don't wan them to stay beyond 2014.

"We want it to be a success, It's not." "unraveling of Obama foreign policy"

Ryan disagrees with projecting timeline.

Applause at Biden repeating that we will leave in 2014. 49 allies agree to leave in 2014.

Biden says Afghans happy to let us do security, must be urged, forced to step up.

Biden questioned on why surge ended this political season. Responds that that was always timeline as recommended by Joint Chiefs.

Ryan offers his expertise on Afghan ethnic groups and "the fighting season"

Ryan applies surge ended in fighting season.

Ryan criticizes that not enogh Americans are in the fighting east of Afghanistan, Biden says that's correct, Afghans are taking that role.


Biden defends lack of American interference in Syria. Says we are ready to help when Assad is gone. Says Romney is all talk on Syria, no solutions.Urges caution on who we should support to avoid larger war.

Ryan says no one wants to send American troops. Implies Dems consider Assad a "reformer" and an enabler of the Russians. Says foreign fighters and Al-qaida are now there due to lack of response, criticizes Annan and cooperation with U.N.

Biden asks Ryan what he'd do, says he has no solutions.

If Assad stays, Ryan says Iran benefits, Raddatz again presses on solutions. Ryan says we should have supported Syrian opposition sooner.

Ryan specifics on Syria: "what is in best interests." "embargoes, sanctions, overflights," possible American troops?

9:15: CATHOLICISM?/ABORTION (some ladies applaud)

Raddatz urges candidates to talk personal

Ryan talks about his first little baby in shape of a B (bee?)

Says R/R will oppose abotion except in case of rape and safety of mother.

Says Obama infringing on Catholic liberties, religion with tax policies.

Ryan compares Obama America to China.

Biden touts Catholic social doctrine to take care of people. Biden says he accepts Catholic decision to protect life, but would not interfere with other beliefs and Roe v. Wade (never used case name)


Back to Ryan on abortion.

Biden interrupts Ryan on Ryans oppostion to Catholic social doctrine.

Ryan says judges should not decide on abortion.

NOW Biden brings up Roe v. Wade, stresses importance of a President's choosing Suprem Court justices.

No litmus test -- Biden


Biden touts son's military service, mentions Romney didain for 47 percent (APPLAUSE AGAIN)

(There are people here who are obviously waiting for mention of the 47 percent video, finding it inexcusable and a window into Romney's soul)

Biden acknowledges some negativity.

RYAN attacks Obama on attacking Roney/Ryan. Brings up Obama 2008 statement on negativity again).


(This requires analysis)

Ryan warns of coming crisis, says Romney is "uniquely qulaified to deal with it."

Biden says Ryan budget "eviscerates" what Americans care about: aid for children, education, it"does nothing but" cut taxes for rich.

Ryan accuses administration of raising taxes.


RYAN: Pro Growth, ideas, something.

Biden touts his trustability and his record on middle class, strategy to grow ecomomy from middle out.

BIDEN STATEMENT: Romney says a lot of Americans are "takers" who won't take accountability. Talks about his parents and upbringing

RYAN STATEMENT: Audience here a little appalled by Ryan fake authenticity and emotion at intro.

"YOU DESERVE BETTER" touts Romney experince as uniquely qualified as a job creator.