Exclusive: Trayvon Martin-inspired group Million Hoodies makes call to action under Trump

The Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, a black human rights organization inspired by the Trayvon Martin case, has issued a call for increased vigilance and resistance under Donald Trump's administration.

In a video campaign released exclusively to Mic, Million Hoodies amplifies the voices of members concerned about what their lives will be like under Trump, who they say is anti-black, anti-LGBTQ and anti-gender equality.

"In this video statement, we are sending a message about what's at stake for the next four years with an administration that has promised to harm our communities," Million Hoodies executive director Dante Barry said in a statement.

"It is incumbent that young people find ways to get politically activated and involved to protect the security of so many people," Barry said.

The video opens with the question: How do you feel as a member of an impacted community about Trump coming into office?

"I feel betrayed," one member said in the video.

Mic/Million Hoodies

"I fear for my mother who wears hijab," another member said.

Mic/Million Hoodies

"We don't need to listen to [Trump's] speech," a female member said. "We should already comprehend where he is coming from."

Mic/Million Hoodies

"Black people continue to get erased from the conversation," said Barry, who also appears in the video.

See the full video here: