'Resident Evil 7' Happy Birthday Tape Guide: Location, tips and walkthrough for beating the puzzle


Resident Evil 7 is here, and with it comes several instances of blood-curdling horror. Sprinkled throughout the game — aside from the terrifying sights that await you in the main story mode — are special video tapes that you can find and play through for additional bits and bobs of narrative. Some are easy to find. Others, like the Happy Birthday tap, are a little more well-hidden. 

The Happy Birthday tape is one you'll definitely want to complete, but it may be a little obtuse at first because there are two different versions of the puzzle in Resident Evil 7. We've put together the strategies you need to complete both the optional and story versions of the tape so you can have the best birthday party ever. Well, kinda. 

Resident Evil 7 Happy Birthday Video Tape Location: Where to find the tapes

There are two versions of the Happy Birthday Tape you must complete. One is part of the main Resident Evil 7 story. One is optional, according to PowerPyx,  but you'll definitely want to pick it up and play through it. This is your guide to finding the Happy Birthday Tape that isn't part of the story mode.

When you first escape the Old House following the boss encounter that resulted in your accessing the Snake Key, you will be free to traverse the area in order to reach the locked gate seen in the yard. The gate will require both Red and Blue keycards. Ignore it and check out the kid's room you come across on your way. In the attic, you'll see the Happy Birthday video tape available for you to pick up. 

Resident Evil 7 Happy Birthday Video Tape: Walkthrough and guide

When you have it, take the Happy Birthday tape to a TV to view it and you will be required to solve a puzzle in a special room of sorts. This is a special room Lucas Baker has put together to make you perform for his sadistic pleasure. 

You will need to first pick up the candle Lucas has set out for you. Listen to Lucas as he rambles on and say he would like for you to light the candle... though there are a lot of obstacles standing in your way to complete that. 

First, open the combination picture lock with the following combination: chainsaw man, raven on hat, and fetus. You will receive a Straw Doll.

You could alternatively retrieve this combination by retrieving the Telescope from the dirty toilet in your vicinity one room over, equipping it, and running through the water sprinkler in the same room with the cake. You can point the Telescope in the direction of the pictorial screens behind you in the main cake room, where the symbols are revealed. 


Go to the keg and remove the Winding Key. Then take the Straw Doll you received from the box that had the combination lock and burn it on the stove in the adjoining room. You will be left with a Dummy Finger. 

Go ahead and light your Candle at the stove, then go around the hallway filled with gray balloons. Burn the rope on the door with the Candle. Pick up the Balloon in the corner of the room. 

Go back to the room where there is an open gas pipe and use the Balloon on it. It will burst and reveal a Quill Pen. 

Take the Dummy Finger, Quill Pen and Winding Key and use it on the clown statue in the hallway where you got the Candle. The clown will etch the word "Loser" on your arm. This is the password to the locked door in the balloon room.


Turn the dials on the lock so that they read "Loser." Go through the door and get the Valve Handle. Take the Valve Handle and use it on the pipe in the cake room where the water is sprinkling where you walk through it. Then finally take the Candle and light it at the stove. 

Return to the room with the cake and light the candles on the cake. Congratulations! You have completed the tape. 

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