Is Nintendo Switch backwards compatible with Wii or Wii U games? Here's what you need to know


Nintendo's latest home console-handheld hybrid, the Nintendo Switch, is finally releasing in March 2017. With its debut impending, we're left with several burning questions. 

For example, is the Switch going to be backwards compatible with older Wii U or Wii games? That's likely a burning question for die-hard Nintendo fans with a backlog of games.

So before you pick up your Nintendo Switch, here's what you need to know about backwards compatibility with Wii and Wii U games.

Is the Nintendo Switch backwards compatible with Wii and Wii U games

If you're going to purchase or have already pre-ordered a Nintendo Switch, you've likely wondered whether or not it will be backwards compatible. Unfortunately, The Switch will not be compatible with physical Wii or Wii U games, nor will it work with 3DS games. This has been confirmed by GameSpot via Japanese publication Famitsu. 

The Switch will be using cartridges for its own games, so they will presumably be a new cartridge format that doesn't match what's already on the market. This means that unless you're willing to download the games that may become available via any online shop Nintendo utilizes for Switch games and older releases, you won't be able to play games from older generations on the Nintendo Switch. So if you've got a large backlog of Wii U, Wii, 3DS and other titles, you will have to finish them at your leisure on a compatible system.

In other words, don't throw out your old Wii U or Wii just because your Nintendo Switch is on the way.

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