'GTA Online' Shark Cards: Prices, bonus deals and more for PS4, Xbox One and PC.


Not everybody has time to grind millions of GTA dollars in Grand Theft Auto Online. Thankfully, there's another option: GTA Online Shark Cards.

You could spend the entire night earning cash in GTA Online and only make about $200,000, at least based on our own experience. But if you're willing to spend real world money on Shark Cards, instant fortunes can be yours. 

Rockstar Games/Rockstar Warehouse

GTA Online Shark Cards: How to buy them

There are a few places to purchase Shark Cards. For PC gamers, the Rockstar Warehouse sells all six varieties of Shark Card. After you make a purchase, Rockstar will send you a code that you'll enter into the Rockstar Social Club to get your in-game money.

For Xbox and PlayStation GTA Online players, you can purchase Shark Cards on the Xbox Live Store and PlayStation Store. You can also get to the store via the in-game menu. Hit pause, tab over to "Store" and you can access a list of cards to purchase. For the PC version, you can purchase Shark Cards via in-game links in the Rockstar Social Club menu.

GTA Online Shark Cards let you wallow in opulence

If you want to enjoy some of GTA Online's structured content like founding a corporation or a biker gang you need to purchase some real estate first, and the best properties can run up a very large tab.

Every property you can buy includes a suite of customization options that can add onto the purchase price considerably. To give you an idea, if you want to purchase an executive office to participate in the activities added by the Finance and Felony update, the cheapest price is $1 million. You can probably raise that much money on your own, or you can spend $20 of real money on a Great White Shark Card that gives you $1.25 million in the game. 

The most expensive executive office with all frills, on the other hand, will run you $6.56 million. At that price, you'll either need to pay up for Shark Cards or start grinding for money in the game.

If you want to purchase a clubhouse to take advantage of the activities added by the Bikers update you can purchase a no-frills property for $200,000. If you want a fully kitted-out clubhouse it will run you $1.957 million. 

Mic/Rockstar Games

That's considerably cheaper than the best executive office. The Bikers update is meant to provide the same sort of businesses and profits as Finance and Felony, but in a more accessible price range for some players.

The basic clubhouse could be covered by a Tiger Shark Card for $5 in the real world. The most expensive clubhouse would cost you two Great White Shark Cards for a total of $40.

Yachts in GTA Online are one of the most opulent purchases you can make. They can be useful for a specific type of activity in which a corporate executive makes themselves available as an assassination target and hires employees to protect him. The longer the executive is alive, the bigger the rewards to the executive and their bodyguards.

Otherwise, yachts in GTA Online are purely meant to show off your obscene wealth. The cheapest, no-frills yacht costs $6 million in the game. And if you really want to make your friends jealous, a fully kitted-out yacht will run you $10 million. A basic yacht could be covered by two Whale Shark cards at $50 each, but you're better off in that case just buying the Megalodon Shark card for $100, as you'll get more in-game money for the same price than the two Whale Shark cards.

And a Megalodon Shark Card won't even cover the cost of the most expensive yacht. You'll need to spend another $40 or $50 for two Great White Shark Cards or one Whale Shark Card.

Remember, you can always grind out the in-game money for these purchases, but unless you have the time to play GTA Online like it's your job, it's going to take a long while to have enough to purchase the best properties. That's when you might consider buying a Shark Card or two.

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