'Fire Emblem Heroes' Tips, Tricks, and Strategy Guide: How to get started


Fire Emblem Heroes is the second Nintendo mobile app to hit the App Store and Google Play Store, and it can be a little daunting if you're just getting started. If you're a newcomer to the Fire Emblem series, it can be especially confusing since it does tend to borrow many of the same elements the main games utilize. Don't worry, though: We've been playing the game and we're here with some important tips, tricks and strategies you need to know before jumping right in so you can become a Fire Emblem Heroes expert faster than you can spend all of your summoning Orbs.

Fire Emblem Heroes Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide: Basic game explanation and the weapons triangle

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Fire Emblem Heroes is a free-to-play title that you can download via the App Store or Google Play Store. There is no unlock fee to pay that will open up gated content. Instead, you earn in-game currency called Orbs or purchase them outright to summon new heroes. You use said heroes to complete various stages in a turn-based strategy game just like the regular Fire Emblem series. 

The first thing you'll want to do to get started is to download the game. You'll need to do this while connected to the internet, as there are several download sections that need to be completed. Once you begin, you can assign your character a name. This can be changed later via the "Misc." menu under the "FAQ/Etc." menu. Choose "change your name" if you make a mistake or just want to change things up. 

From there you'll be given a tutorial which explains how you will be engaged in combat as the main aspect of Fire Emblem Heroes. You can take several heroes into battle in teams of four, and in turn-based combat you will defeat the enemies that crop up by dragging them from one spot on the board to another or dragging them to an enemy to attack. 

Depending on what kind of class you're playing, you'll want to figure out where your hero should be on the board. For instance, some are better with combat up-close and personal while others are better at attacking from a distance, such as fighters with a bow and arrow. Part of the strategy is figuring out which hero is best suited to any situation.

You must also be aware of the weapons triangle when you are fighting enemies, a mainstay of the Fire Emblem series. Weapons have their own color codes: axes are green, swords are red and so on. Characters are classified according to the type of weapons they use. They are then slotted against another color on a color wheel. For instance, red fighters can best green fighters, while blue fighters are strong against red fighters. These opposite colors are explained in-game and can be accessed at the bottom right of the screen for further explanation if you happen to forget or get stuck.

Fire Emblem Heroes Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide: Stamina system, in-game currency and online play

Since the game is free, there is a stamina system that regulates how much you can actually play. If you run out of stamina, you will have to wait for it to fill back up before you can get back to playing. This is an encouragement to get you purchasing more orbs to keep playing, like what you see in other free-to-play titles. 

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At the beginning of the game, you will be allotted 50 stamina, which you'll find won't run out as quickly at the start as it will once you've been playing for a while. Each battle requires two stamina early on, but this amount will go up as you raise your level. Your best bet is to wait until the stamina gauge fills back up or use a stamina-replenishing item that occasionally drops as a reward.

Fire Emblem Heroes is an always-online game, so make sure you don't spend stamina and head into battle without an online connection or mobile data, unless you want to have a timeout and waste the battle. You must be connected to the internet at all times to keep playing. 

These tips and tricks should get you started down the path to Fire Emblem Heroes success. Keep checking back for more helpful strategies on how to own in battle!

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