'Fire Emblem Heroes' Friends: How to search for Friend Codes and add to your Friend List


Nintendo's latest mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, is a free-to-play effort that you can download right now via the App Store or the Google Play Store. 

It's an adventure you certainly won't want to take alone, especially since you have the ability to add all of your friends who are also playing. But while you can link your existing Nintendo Account or create a new one when you start the game, you must utilize Nintendo's Friend Code system if you want to add anyone to your menagerie of acquaintances. Your existing friends will not be imported into the account. Follow these instructions so you can add all of your friends going forward. 

Adding friends will unlock several things. For one, you can greet your friends via your Friends List and receive Hero Feathers in return, which can be used to raise a hero's star level. There isn't a direct player-versus-player component per se, but you can use Dueling Swords (three per day) to pit your units against others, including those you add as friends. 

Fire Emblem Heroes Friends: How and where to add friends

If you're looking to add friends, head to the main menu where all of your heroes are congregating. Look at the bottom left of the screen, where you'll find a rune. It will have an icon to the left of it with a number inside depending on how many friends you've added thus far. Tap on the rune. 

A Friend List menu will now pop up. You'll see an array of options here related to adding friends, but you're only concerned with one thing here. Look for the magnifying glass logo and tap on it. You will see your own friend ID appear, so make a note of it so you can send it to your friends in the future. 

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Tap on the "Enter Friend's ID" box and type in your friend's code in the search bar. You will then be able to send a friend request. Once your friend receives it, they will be able to accept it and you will become friends. 

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