Der Spiegel’s shockingly gruesome Trump cover depicts POTUS as a terrorist

Der Spiegel, the German weekly news magazine, went for President Donald Trump's jugular in a shockingly gruesome cover released Friday.

On the cover of the magazine's Feb. 4 edition, Trump is depicted as a terrorist who has beheaded the Statue of Liberty — the American symbol that has welcomed the world's "tired masses, yearning to be free" to the New York City harbor for more than 130 years.

The words, "America First," are printed near the cartoon Trump, who wields a bloody knife and the bleeding head of Lady Liberty.

The Feb. 4 edition of the German weekly news magazine Der Spiegel.Mic/Der Spiegel

Der Spiegel's provocative artwork is an apparent commentary on Trump's executive order restricting or suspending immigration for travelers coming from seven Muslim-majority nations in the Middle East and Africa. The order also halts indefinitely the U.S. program that resettles refugees from war-ravaged Syria.

The executive order, signed on Jan. 27, was met with widespread condemnation on the world's stage, posing a U.S. diplomatic crisis and sparking chaos and protests at international airports throughout the country.

The cartoon is among a handful of news magazine covers reflecting how the editorial bastions of the liberal west view Trump's action's on immigration. This week's New Yorker cover shows an extinguished flame on Lady Liberty's iconic torch.