'For Honor' Revenge Mode Guide and Tips: How to use it to your advantage in the open beta


For Honor has entered its open beta multiplayer stage and it's introducing players to a whole new world of nuanced online competition. 

There are plenty of ways to give yourself a leg up on your enemies. Right at the top of the list is the Revenge Mode meter, which lets you come at other players with boosted stats and satisfying hits. 

Here's how you can charge up your Revenge Mode meter in For Honor and unleash it on some unsuspecting players, according to my experience playing the open beta. 

For Honor Revenge Mode: How to fill your Revenge Mode meter

Each time you evade an enemy attack you will fill up your Revenge Mode meter a little more. So make sure you are successfully dodging and blocking attacks if you're interested in making full use of this gauge, which will be an integral part of your arsenal going forward. 

Different combinations of equipped gear will also make a difference as to how quickly your gauge will fill up. So you'll need to experiment with different equipment to see what works best.

For Honor Revenge Mode: How to activate Revenge Mode

You can activate Revenge Mode by pressing Y on Xbox One, triangle on PlayStation 4 and R on PC. Your Revenge Mode gauge must be filled before you can do this. It's best to utilize Revenge Mode if you find yourself attacking multiple enemies at the same time, but you can use it whenever you think you're matched up against some difficult odds.

Revenge Mode will boost up your damage and health. All of your attacks will also be invulnerable to interruption. Not even guard breaks will be able to get through. As you can imagine, Revenge Mode can turn the tides of battle very quickly. So don't wait too long to use it once the gauge is full or it might deplete before you have a chance.

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